Northern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 02.26.15

    The Great Artdoors
    Next time you want to get your art fix, step outside for a hike. Here are three top places to see cool works of art in the great outdoors.
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  • 02.19.15

    Roadside Attractions
    Some of the best scenery this time of year is found just off major thoroughfares where tranquil marshes and wetlands are traced by hiking and biking trails. The bonus: abundant birdlife is peaking right now. Here are three roadside attractions worth flocking to!
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  • 02.12.15

    Romance Outdoors
    This Valentine’s Day weekend make like the birds and the bees—get outdoors! Here are a few ideas to get you going.
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  • 02.5.15

    Hikes to Brunch
    Don't just go to brunch, hike to brunch! From East Bay to North Bay, here are three great hikes with tasty places to grab a bite en route or when you're finished. Trail mix just got an upgrade.
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  • 01.29.15

    Graytest Hits
    Gray is the unofficial color of winter, which can be a good thing. Here are a few ways to put a little gray in your day.
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  • 01.22.15

    Winter Beaches
    Beach-going in the summer? So cliché. Hitting the beach in winter? How avant-garde! Here are three sandy havens that are winter-wonderful, and dog-friendly too!
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  • 01.15.15

    Tahoe Time
    It's home to the largest alpine lake in North America, some of the world’s best ski resorts, and off-the-beaten path places for finding fun or solitude. Tahoe in winter is true blue, and ready for you!
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  • 01.8.15

    New Perspectives
    Start 2015 with a fresh point of view. From bluff strolling bliss to a secret mountain ridge ramble—and a tiny urban park in between—here are three ways to gain a new perspective this year.
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