Northern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 07.23.15

    Adventures Alfresco!
    Who's hungry? Some adventures just go better when the focus is food and wine. This summer, pair your outdoors with these three fresh approaches to alfresco fun.
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  • 07.16.15

    Know Your ABCs
    Do you know your ABCs? We're not talking about the alphabet. We're talking about Adventures in British Columbia! The westernmost Canadian province is filled with rainforests, glacier-fed lakes, wildlife, massive peaks, rugged coastline, and sublime places for combining recreation and relaxation.
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  • 07.9.15

    Oh Yeah, Open Space!
    Long before the tech industry started taking root in the South Bay, huge oaks, bays, alders, and sycamore trees dominated the landscape. Thanks to the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, more than 16,000 acres of open space have been preserved for the public, with the newest preserve opening just two weeks ago. Here are three to explore!
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  • 07.2.15

    Go Fourth for Adventures
    What are you doing for the 4th? Want to explore? The Weekend Sherpa Adventure Challenge is all about enjoying the outdoors (BBQ, beers, and bonfires included!). Want to do it?! Here are a few ideas:
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  • 06.25.15

    Hike to New Heights
    Some of Northern California's best summits are just waiting to be hiked! Whether you point your compass north, south, or east—here are three great peaks that'll give you a fresh perspective … and killer views!
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  • 06.18.15

    Summer Sleepovers
    With so many outdoor adventures in and around the Santa Cruz Mountains, staying overnight is all part of the fun. From mountaintop yurts to a hike-in hut and campsite, here are three great ways to enjoy sweet South Bay dreams.
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  • 06.11.15

    Bonus Sherpa: Adventures for All
    Looking for a few ideas to get you going on the 2015 Weekend Sherpa Adventure Challenge? Here are some classics!
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  • 06.8.15

    Weekend Sherpa Adventure Challenge 2015
    Hike, bike, kayak, picnic, camp … how do you adventure? It's time for the 4th annual Weekend Sherpa Adventure Challenge! Do any three adventures from Weekend Sherpa and get an all-new T-shirt specially made by our partner, The North Face. Plus get a limited-edition tote bag and be entered to win the Grand Prize: two round-trip tickets anywhere Alaska Airlines flies from California!
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