Northern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 08.28.14

    The Short and Long of It
    Short on plans this long weekend? Let the 2014 Weekend Sherpa Adventure Challenge provide a little inspiration. In no particular order, here are a few of the most popular adventures participants have made happen this summer!
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  • 08.21.14

    Summer Down
    As summer enters the homestretch, Saratoga makes a nice place to appreciate the season’s scenery by horseback riding, tasting at a winery, or hiking to a summit at nearby Big Basin State Park.
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  • 08.14.14

    Here's to Robin
    As you probably know by now, this week we lost one of the Bay Area’s best friends, Robin Williams. His love for Northern California and ability to put a smile on people’s faces is something that inspires us. We put together a few local adventures in his honor.
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  • 08.7.14

    Grand Prize
    In National Lampoon’s Vacation Clark Griswold stands at the famed South Rim of the Grand Canyon and barely gives it a glance. Don’t be Clark! Here are three amazing vista hikes taking you to lesser-known parts of the park. Start planning ahead and go Grand!
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  • 07.31.14

    Wait for it...
    So you’re a bit of a procrastinator? Good thing the great outdoors has nothing against that! There are only a few weeks left in the 2014 Weekend Sherpa Adventure Challenge, and we want to see all of your beautiful faces getting in on the action! Here are a few ideas to get you out there.
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  • 07.24.14

    Tamtastic Hikes and Picnics
    Ready to go on a picnic? How about one right near a trailhead on Mount Tam? Here are three top places to pack the bread, the cheese, and the hiking boots!
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  • 07.17.14

    Keep Tahoe Fun
    Time flies when you’re having fun….in North Lake Tahoe! With so much to explore, where do you even start? How about right here: this hike, bike ride, and paddle are bound to put a grin on your face.
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  • 07.10.14

    Summer Camp
    Some of the Bay Area’s best camping is an hour or less away—in our beautiful state parks! From the North Bay, to a sweet spot right on the Bay, here are three top spots for creating that perfect pitch.
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