Northern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 08.27.15

    The San Francisco Bay Trail is on a roll. With over 340 out of 500 miles complete, one day this multi-use path will encircle the entire Bay shoreline. Here are a few ways to explore what's new, and what's classic, on this impressive trail.
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  • 08.20.15

    Stepping Out at Stinson
    Good things happen in threes when you start your adventures from Stinson Beach. From a classic hike to a hidden bunker with a nearby tree-swing, here are three good reasons to get to Stinson, stat!
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  • 08.13.15

    Make a Splash
    Feeling a bit hot? Here's a news-splash: Just add water! Get a little wet for some cool fun this summer!
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  • 08.6.15

    Adventures for All
    How's your summer going? There's one month left for you to complete the Weekend Sherpa Adventure Challenge! Here's some inspiration from some of the most popular activities readers have done so far! #weekendsherpa.
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  • 07.30.15

    Wine Country Camping
    Camping in wine country … now that's a pairing! Pitch your tent at any of these wine country campgrounds where nearby wineries bring added cheers to the adventure (and to your beans and BBQ dinner)!
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  • 07.23.15

    Adventures Alfresco!
    Who's hungry? Some adventures just go better when the focus is food and wine. This summer, pair your outdoors with these three fresh approaches to alfresco fun.
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  • 07.16.15

    Know Your ABCs
    Do you know your ABCs? We're not talking about the alphabet. We're talking about Adventures in British Columbia! The westernmost Canadian province is filled with rainforests, glacier-fed lakes, wildlife, massive peaks, rugged coastline, and sublime places for combining recreation and relaxation.
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  • 07.9.15

    Oh Yeah, Open Space!
    Long before the tech industry started taking root in the South Bay, huge oaks, bays, alders, and sycamore trees dominated the landscape. Thanks to the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, more than 16,000 acres of open space have been preserved for the public, with the newest preserve opening just two weeks ago. Here are three to explore!
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