Northern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 10.1.15

    Time to Coast
    The coast is clear—especially in autumn—and Mendocino County's coast shines this time of year, with hidden beaches, beautiful bluffside rambles, and tranquil respites to make your weekend getaway glorious.
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  • 09.24.15

    Supermoon Weekend
    This weekend (Sunday evening) a total lunar eclipse will coincide with a "Supermoon." Why is this a big deal? Well, it hasn't happened in 32 years and won't happen again for another 18! Here are five top ways to celebrate the moonlight this weekend!
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  • 09.17.15

    Interns Know Best
    This week we're handing the car keys to our interns: Alex, Kyle, and Morgan. They got after it all summer, exploring the Bay Area and beyond, then writing about it. Here are three of their favorite adventures. Thanks, guys—you were outstanding! Now, get us some coffee. (Totally kidding! Unless you have a minute …).
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  • 09.10.15

    Bountiful Hikes
    The low-slung sun, the golden leaves, the distinct scent … making the transition to fall isn’t so bad, after all. Step into autumn on any of these three South Bay hikes.
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  • 09.3.15

    Long Weekend Cheat Sheet
    Ready for a long, good weekend? Keep summer going strong from Mendocino to San Francisco. Here are some ways to enjoy the days.
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  • 08.27.15

    The San Francisco Bay Trail is on a roll. With over 340 out of 500 miles complete, one day this multi-use path will encircle the entire Bay shoreline. Here are a few ways to explore what's new, and what's classic, on this impressive trail.
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  • 08.20.15

    Stepping Out at Stinson
    Good things happen in threes when you start your adventures from Stinson Beach. From a classic hike to a hidden bunker with a nearby tree-swing, here are three good reasons to get to Stinson, stat!
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  • 08.13.15

    Make a Splash
    Feeling a bit hot? Here's a news-splash: Just add water! Get a little wet for some cool fun this summer!
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