Southern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 08.21.14

    Hikes to Thrills
    Tired of hiking missionary style? Add some spice to your hike life! Here are three amazing hike-in adventures guaranteed to put that extra spark in your footsteps.
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  • 08.14.14

    Mellow in Manhattan
    It's a classic and popular LA oceanfront, but Manhattan Beach has a quieter side, too. Go beyond the sand to the green parks and discover the mellow in Manhattan.
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  • 08.7.14

    Grand Prize
    In National Lampoon’s Vacation Clark Griswold stands at the famed South Rim of the Grand Canyon and barely gives it a glance. Don’t be Clark! Here are three amazing vista hikes taking you to lesser-known parts of the park. Start planning ahead and go Grand!
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  • 07.31.14

    Adventures Come to Those Who Wait
    Are you the type who likes waiting until the last minute? There are only a few weeks left in the 2014 Weekend Sherpa Adventure Challenge, and we want to see all of your beautiful faces getting in on the action! From epic hikes and a rollercoaster of a bike ride to SUP on the superstar of lakes, here are a few ideas to get you out there.
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  • 07.24.14

    Al Fresco is Awesome
    The best thing about exercising outdoors? Eating outdoors afterwards! Here are three ways to get your cardio, then your carbs (and libations…). Al fresco is awesome.
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  • 07.17.14

    Thrill Rides
    Amusement parks aren’t the only places for thrill rides in Southern California. Get your kicks on these three bike rides in Los Angeles County. Absolutely stellar views included!
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  • 07.10.14

    The last matches of the 2014 World Cup happen this weekend and whoever you’re cheering (USA, 2018!) here are a few ways to keep the soccer spirit alive in LA’s great outdoors.
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  • 07.3.14

    Go Fourth Outdoors
    It's America's birthday this Friday: What are you up to?! Make it a star-spangled weekend in the great outdoors, where your red, white, and blue are part of nature’s hue.
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