Southern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 03.26.15

    Joshua Tree on a Whim
    A desert escape to Joshua Tree National Park is just what the "doctor" ordered … a landscape of climbable towering granite rock, marvelous hikes, and a place to soak your bones and sip a cocktail after adventures among the whimsically wild trees. You'll feel like you've been transported to the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. Oh, the places you'll go!
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  • 03.19.15

    A Little Buzz
    Who doesn't love a good buzz? No, not that kind of buzz. The buzz you get when you stop to refuel at a small airport diner as part of your outdoor adventure. Here are a few ways to get outside and go for brunch too (coffee and beer buzz optional).
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  • 03.12.15

    Spring for Adventure Hikes
    Daylight is increasing, so spring for a longer hike (or for a hike you'll want to linger longer at). Here are a few classics to conquer.
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  • 03.5.15

    Swing Up to the Coast
    There's a reason people like hiking to high places in San Luis Obispo. This Central Coast adventureland is surrounded by ancient volcanoes, rolling green hills, and a dramatic coastline. Toss in some tree swings, and see SLO from new heights on any of these three hikes.
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  • 02.26.15

    Bike to Beer
    Los Angeles and "beer scene" haven’t always gone together, but that's changing. Upstart breweries are earning accolades across the Southland and so are the bike trails that lead to them. Here are three bike-to-brews rides that go down smooth.
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  • 02.19.15

    Oscars for the Outdoors
    The Academy Awards are this Sunday, but before you sit down to toast cinematic excellence on the big screen, enjoy the bigger picture by heading outdoors to hike, bike, and explore a few local spots that made their way to stardom. And—action!
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  • 02.12.15

    Romance Ready!
    Caught without a plan this Valentine's Day weekend? Here are some great ways to turn things on in the great outdoors. Whoopeee!
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  • 02.5.15

    Trails Less Traveled
    With so many popular places to hike in Los Angeles, where do you go to escape the crowds? How about to those same popular places… Here are three ways to get off the beaten path in some of LA's busiest hiking hot spots.
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