Southern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 07.23.15

    Night Light
    Want to see a shooting star this summer? Thanks to the low humidity of northeastern San Diego County, and with the Perseids meteor showers coming in August, you're in for a spectacular light show at any of these three stargazing destinations. Plan for an out of this world adventure!
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  • 07.16.15

    Discover New ABCs
    Do you know your ABCs? We're not talking about the alphabet. We're talking about Adventures in British Columbia! The westernmost Canadian province is filled with rainforests, glacier-fed lakes, wildlife, massive peaks, rugged coastline, and sublime places for combining recreation and relaxation.
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  • 07.9.15

    Bill Murray Adventures
    Bill Murray seems to be everywhere these days (have you seen the T-shirts and stickers lately?). He definitely marches to the beat of his own drum, and we dig it. Here are a few adventures inspired by his movies.
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  • 07.2.15

    Go Fourth Adventure!
    What are you doing for the 4th? The Weekend Sherpa Adventure Challenge is going strong. It's all about enjoying the outdoors close to home (BBQ, beers, and bonfires included!). Want to do it?! Here are a few ideas:
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  • 06.25.15

    Must-do Deukmejian
    Deukmejian Wilderness Park in the San Gabriel foothills has no crowds, no entrance fee, and no shortage of stunning scenery. Explore this accessible wilderness and learn a little local lore too!
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  • 06.18.15

    Jurassic Outdoors
    Clomp, stomp, chomp, yowza! Dinosaurs have gone wild in Hollywood! You can go wild too, on these outdoor adventures selected in the spirit of Jurassic World.
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  • 06.11.15

    Bonus Sherpa: Bring on Summer
    Make the most of your summer by participating in our annual Adventure Challenge! Here are few ideas to get you started.
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  • 06.8.15

    Weekend Sherpa Adventure Challenge 2015
    Hike, bike, kayak, picnic, camp … how do you adventure? It's time for the 4th annual Weekend Sherpa Adventure Challenge! Do any three adventures from Weekend Sherpa and get an all-new T-shirt specially made by our partner, The North Face. Plus get a limited-edition tote bag and be entered to win the Grand Prize: two round-trip tickets anywhere Alaska Airlines flies from California!
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