Southern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 04.23.15

    Ojai There!
    Get off the grid for a bird’s-eye Ojai! Ojai Valley is spring-loaded with ways to relax and ways to adventure. Spend the night in a cozy yurt, go on a valley bike ride that leads into the artsy downtown, or have a hike-in adventure to a creekside campground.
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  • 04.16.15

    The New Social Network: National Parks!
    The new social network … is the great outdoors! National Parks are offering free admission this weekend in honor of National Park Week (April 18-26). From south to north, here are some of our state's greats.
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  • 04.9.15

    Geek Outdoors
    Grab a visor and strap on a fanny pack! It's time to explore your local outdoors the way a tourist might! Here are some fun ways to geek out(side).
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  • 04.2.15

    Easter Au Naturel
    Easter pastels have gone au naturel—courtesy of nature. Here are some fun ways to get outdoors and explore, plus hide some eggs along the way.
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  • 03.26.15

    Joshua Tree on a Whim
    A desert escape to Joshua Tree National Park is just what the "doctor" ordered … a landscape of climbable towering granite rock, marvelous hikes, and a place to soak your bones and sip a cocktail after adventures among the whimsically wild trees. You'll feel like you've been transported to the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. Oh, the places you'll go!
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  • 03.19.15

    A Little Buzz
    Who doesn't love a good buzz? No, not that kind of buzz. The buzz you get when you stop to refuel at a small airport diner as part of your outdoor adventure. Here are a few ways to get outside and go for brunch too (coffee and beer buzz optional).
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  • 03.12.15

    Spring for Adventure Hikes
    Daylight is increasing, so spring for a longer hike (or for a hike you'll want to linger longer at). Here are a few classics to conquer.
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  • 03.5.15

    Swing Up to the Coast
    There's a reason people like hiking to high places in San Luis Obispo. This Central Coast adventureland is surrounded by ancient volcanoes, rolling green hills, and a dramatic coastline. Toss in some tree swings, and see SLO from new heights on any of these three hikes.
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