Southern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 04.17.14

    Wild Wanders
    Earth Day is next Tuesday, and National Park Week kicks off this weekend. Celebrate some of Southern California’s natural wanders by going on a hike. Here are a few ranging from 4 to 10 miles. Long may you roam!
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  • 04.10.14

    Fresh Point of View
    Spring is a good time to stop for a moment and take a look around. So, how do you get a fresh perspective? Hike or bike to one of these stellar viewpoints offering round-the-compass scenery.
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  • 04.3.14

    Who's Hungry?
    Our definition of spring cleaning? Pairing hikes, bike rides, and overnight escapes with farm-fresh foods found nearby! Here are three ways to clean up.
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  • 03.27.14

    Perfect Pitches
    Your hair is too clean. It needs that “just been camping” fresh-air, sea breeze, and campfire smell that sticks with you for a few days. Here are a few campsites that will do just the trick.
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  • 03.20.14

    The LA Outback
    Incredible high desert landscapes, beautiful colors, surprising natural areas … you don’t have to go all the way to Joshua Tree National Park to enjoy them. Spend a day exploring Los Angeles County’s wild and scenic Antelope Valley. Head to the desert next door!
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  • 03.13.14

    Green Scene
    St. Patrick's Day is on its way. Plan on seeing green this weekend? Maybe it's the beer goggles, but even if you take them off we think you'll still see good greenery. Here are a few ways to see, be, or go green this weekend. A few beer options included.
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  • 03.6.14

    Flow Finder
    Thanks to recent rain some of Southern California’s most enchanting waterfalls are going with the flow. Here are three beauties worth hiking to. H2-Oh yeah!
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  • 02.27.14

    Lights, Camera, Location!
    Long before green screens and computer-generated effects, moviemakers used Southern California’s diverse landscapes to replicate both familiar destinations and exotic locales. With the Academy Awards coming up, here are our nominees for Best Historic Movie Locations.
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