Southern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 09.18.14

    Ironman for the Rest of Us
    The Iron Man World Championship happens next month—the ultimate test of fitness and mettle on land and at sea. Put yourself to the test with a Santa Monica sampler of ocean fun, a beachside bike ride, and a bluffside run. Do all three in a day!
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  • 09.12.14

    Nice to Meet You
    You hear from us every week – now it’s your time to talk. We want to know more about our Weekend Sherpa friends.
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  • 09.11.14

    Peace of Nature
    The outdoors has long been a place of respite and contemplation. In honor of 9/11, here are a few ways to find a little peace in nature.
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  • 09.4.14

    Ode to the Ocean
    September brings the best time to explore some of the greatest wilderness on our planet: our ocean. Here are some fun ways to get out and celebrate big blue.
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  • 08.28.14

    Go Long
    Short on plans this long weekend? The 2014 Weekend Sherpa Adventure Challenge might provide a little inspiration. In no particular order, here are a few of the most popular adventures participants have made happen this summer!
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  • 08.21.14

    Hikes to Thrills
    Tired of hiking missionary style? Add some spice to your hike life! Here are three amazing hike-in adventures guaranteed to put that extra spark in your footsteps.
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  • 08.14.14

    Mellow in Manhattan
    It's a classic and popular LA oceanfront, but Manhattan Beach has a quieter side, too. Go beyond the sand to the green parks and discover the mellow in Manhattan.
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  • 08.7.14

    Grand Prize
    In National Lampoon’s Vacation Clark Griswold stands at the famed South Rim of the Grand Canyon and barely gives it a glance. Don’t be Clark! Here are three amazing vista hikes taking you to lesser-known parts of the park. Start planning ahead and go Grand!
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