Southern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 01.22.15

    Urban Stairway Hikes
    This New Year, ups and downs are guaranteed … and that’s a great thing if you’re doing any of these three urban stairway hikes with great views. Step up to 2015!
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  • 01.15.15

    Time for Tahoe
    It's home to the largest alpine lake in North America, some of the world’s best ski resorts, and off-the-beaten path places for finding fun or solitude. Tahoe in winter is true blue, and ready for you!
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  • 01.8.15

    Peak Perspective
    Start the New Year with a fresh point of view! Here are three peak hikes for gaining excellent perspectives. Adventure time!
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  • 01.1.15

    Top 10
    Kick off 2015 with an outdoor retrospective: our annual Top 10 special edition. We're back next week with all new points of view! Here's to 2015—the year of living adventurously!
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  • 12.25.14

    Happy Everything
    Once all the gifts are unwrapped and the eggnog is gone, ready to get some fresh air? Here are a few ways to keep your spirits bright. 
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  • 12.18.14

    Have a Waterfall Holiday
    It's pretty wet out there these days but the rain doesn't have to dampen holiday spirits. Waterfalls come alive after rains. Wait a bit until the skies clear and then it's H2-ho-ho-go!
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  • 12.11.14

    Small Hikes, Big Charms
    Good things come in small packages. Take a holiday season breather by going on a short hike that delivers big charms.
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  • 12.4.14

    Southern Comfort
    Palm trees, a warm breeze … nothing says holidays like 70 degrees in Southern California! Get into the spirit on a few local hikes and adventures to make your weekends merry and bright.
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