Hikes in the Meantime

It’s been a challenging week. We’re thinking about everyone affected by the wildfires, evacuations, and power outages, including our own colleagues, friends, and family. California is resilient and the smoke will clear. If you’re hankering for some nature this weekend, we’ve got a few suggestions.  #californiastrong

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1) Mystery Walls

Mythical crop circles, Stonehenge, California’s Mystery Walls … You don’t have to travel the world to brush paths with some intriguing enigmas. Scattered across Northern California, mysterious walls up to a meter high have long been a source of speculation.…

2) Superb in the Burbs

Tucked behind a suburb on the Peninsula, Pillar Point Bluff County Park is a slice of coastal paradise, with its 220 acres of ocean-bluff beauty. Hike the 1.4-mile Jean Lauer Trail loop for some sweet coastal views. From the trailhead…

3) Find Your Oasis

Don’t let the name fool you. Death Valley has a completely new lodging experience that’s all about being alive! Here are five amazing ways to find your oasis in the Lower 48’s largest national park.

Take Me to the Oasis!

4) Touch the Skyline

The Peninsula's Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve knows how to make a grand entrance when it comes to changing seasons. Hills turn golden, and crisp leaves carpet trails on the preserve's 2,000+ acres. Combine autumn colors, ridgetop vistas, and a…

5) Sunset Gone Wilder

So you’re sort of snobby about your sunsets? You like a brilliant technicolor all across the sky as the sun sets on the horizon? Great! Go Wilder! Wilder Ranch State Park’s Old Cove Landing Trail is an easy 3-mile (round-trip)…

6) New Castle on the Peninsula

Castle Rock State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains is giving hikers the royal treatment with a brand-new park entrance. The Robert C. Kirkwood entrance and visitors center is exactly what you might demand from a Silicon Valley favorite outdoor…

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