Romancing SoCal

Some of the best dates are in the great outdoors. So show this to the one(s) you love and get out there! Here are 5 of the most popular stories from recent issues that would be great for a date with friends, family, and yes, your better half. Love, WS.

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1) Downtown, Straight Up

For many, downtown LA is a drive-by affair. But explore this architecturally spectacular area by foot, and it becomes an affair to remember. Take on the sidewalks of downtown’s Bunker Hill for a mile-and-a-half urban walk, starting at the massive…

2) Old Tower, New Home

Where do old fire lookout towers go after they retire? This one moved from Malibu to the San Gabriel Mountains. That’s right: The old Castro Peak Lookout, which stood at 2,826 feet in the Santa Monica Mountains and saw service…

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4) The Ryan King

Think big picture. Then hike to it. At 5,456 feet, the summit of Ryan Mountain has the best view in Joshua Tree National Park. Its brilliant panoramic expanse, spanning desert to mountains, and—bonus—late afternoons in winter can feature a sky…

5) Glow Up

Tucked in the southeast corner of Griffith Park, Beacon Hill is an example of how you don’t have to travel far or aim high to reach one of the best panoramas of LA’s skyline. Before LAX came into the picture,…

6) Fountain to the Falls

There are three ways to reach the lovely Monrovia Canyon Falls, but only one of them is worthy of being named a good challenge for 2020! That’s because you start in Monrovia’s Old Town and make your way to the…

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