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As parks continue to re-open, going outdoors is making a comeback. And we're pretty excited. Here are some hikes in various counties across Northern California to get you inspired. As always, check official websites for information and updates before you go, since statuses may change. Enjoy your local trails!

Week 05.28.2020
Regions Northern CA

1) Philosopher’s Way {San Francisco County}

Hike McLaren Park San Francisco

A wise man once said, “Walk it off.” And San Francisco has just the place for a colorful walk via a 2.7-mile loop along Philosopher’s Way Trail in the 318-acre John McLaren Park (San Francisco’s second largest park, after Golden Gate).

2) Strait Up Good! {Contra Costa County}

Hike Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline

You like a good trail mix? How about a blend of ridgetop rambling, bridge and bay views, and a eucalyptus forest. Get it all on a 2.5-mile loop hike in Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline.

3) Ciao Bello! {Santa Clara County}

Hike Monte Bello Open Space Preserve Black Mountain

Rising 2,800 feet over the Peninsula’s Monte Bello Open Space Preserve, Black Mountain—the inspiration behind Mountain View’s name—quietly stands watch over the South Bay. The 2-mile (one-way) exposed hiking trail that climbs gradually to Black Mountain’s summit is a feast for the eyes: dense yellow grass blankets rolling hills and blows in the wind like a lion’s mane.

4) Wilder Side of Sunsets {Santa Cruz County}

Wilder Ranch sunset coastal hike

So you’re sort of snobby about your sunsets? You like a brilliant technicolor all across the sky as the sun sets on the horizon? Great! Go Wilder! Wilder Ranch State Park’s Old Cove Landing Trail is an easy 3-mile (round-trip) coastal hike in Santa Cruz. And a hike here at sunset delivers a colorful show on clear days. (Parking is extremely limited.)

5) Bag Burdell {Marin County}

Hike Mount Burdell spring summit

If you’re gonna go big on a spring hike, make it at Marin County’s biggest open space preserve, Mount Burdell. And go to the summit. You’ll be sharing the trail with grazing cows, poppies galore, and beautiful birds on this 5-mile (round-trip) adventure.

6) Art of the Matter {Sacramento County}

Sacramento Midtown Mural walk

Take a stroll through the Sacramento’s Midtown neighborhood and you can view some of the capital city’s best artwork at no cost. The wide, shady streets are home to dozens of dramatic murals created by local (and not so local) street artists.

7) Reminder: New Rules of the Trail

We love the outdoors and we want to keep them open! Here’s a simple guide to the New Rules of the Trail.

8) New Podcast Episode: Easing Back Into the Outdoors

Weekend Sherpa podcast

(Dipping our pinky toe in…) Weekend Sherpa is back to recommending local outdoor adventures. Brad and Holly discuss parks across California re-opening, some of the ongoing mixed messages, and the importance of getting outdoors as a health benefit. Hear about some of the parks they recommend, plus part of the podcast was recorded from the top of a mountain on a Memorial Day weekend hike (because, why not?!). Check out the podcast.

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