Summer's End Adventures

Who says all good things must come to an end? This is California! But still, there’s a few things better to do now than later … so soak in the last of the summer days on one or more of these outdoor escapes.

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1) Sunset Picnic

Watching an autumn sunset over the Bay is magical; so, where's the ideal spot for catching this show while enjoying dinner and drinks, too? Bring a home-packed meal and some adult beverages (totally allowed) for a 90-minute floating feast that’s…

2) Ride and Seek

Oceanside breezes, beautiful beaches, a car-free pathway for biking, and beer at the end: You’re on a roll! The San Mateo Coast was made for beach hopping and beer tasting … and it all goes down smooth as part of…

3) Massive Must-Sees

Sure, you’ve seen redwoods … but have you seen the redwoods? Humboldt County is home to the tallest trees on the planet and a designated World Heritage Site.

Let's Go to the Redwoods!

4) Where There's a Willow, There's a Way

Finding a last-minute campground in the Bay Area can be like finding a parking spot in San Francisco—possible, but painful. Which makes it all the more special when you snag a sweet spot! Set in a narrow grassy meadow among…

5) Redwoods Star Power

Want to hang out with the stars? Go visit Leah, Rachel, and Nellie. They’re the names of the three marquee telescopes at the Chabot Space and Science Center in the East Bay, where every Friday and Saturday evening no-cost telescope…

6) Her Name is Del Rio

Beaches along Sonoma County’s Russian River come in all varieties: From boisterous with boomboxes to mellow with kayakers quietly floating by. This new spot east of Healdsburg is definitely the latter. Del Rio Woods has new beach access to the Russian…

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