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    Point Reyes Buzz

    Next time you want to go to wine country, head for Point Reyes Station. It’s home to Heidrun Meadery, a sweet secret worthy of some buzz. Heidrun is a master of “honey wine” (aka mead) and beekeeping! Unlike most meads (which are still), Heidrun uses the French champagne method…

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    Bald Is Beautiful

    Just when you think you’ve seen Mount Tam’s best stuff—here comes another Tamtastic summit hike. The north side of Tam is home to five sparkling lakes, all of which have lovely hiking trails. But trails from Phoenix Lake rise … to a brilliant vista known as Bald Hill. And this…

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    Keeping It Real

    With San Andreas rocking the box office, there’s been a lot of conversation about the the destruction this faultline can cause… is it all just Hollywood? (Umm, yep.) Walk along the real San Andreas Fault in a setting that beats any Hollywood backdrop: Point Reyes National…

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    Art Rocks!

    When you’re on a hike, do you focus on the big picture or the small details? Here’s a hike that lets you do both with ease. Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve next to Tiburon is famous for its baywitching scenery—sweeping from the Bay Bridge to the tips of the Golden Gate. But it…

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    Gravity Wheel

    Ready to tackle the tallest mountain in Marin? Mountain bikers who want to put their fitness to the test without too much technical stuff can retrace the “Crookedest Railroad in the World” on Mount Tam, today known as Old Railroad Grade Trail. Start this 16-mile (round-trip) ride…

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    Mom's the Word

    Tucked on the western slope of Sonoma Valley’s Mayacamas Mountains, Quarryhill Botanical Garden flies under the radar as people zip right past it on their way to wineries. They’re missing out on one of the world’s finest Asian botanical gardens. Exotic shade trees, tranquil ponds…

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    Still Milling After All These Years

    It’s hard to imagine anything other than wine grapes being grown in the Napa Valley. But thanks to the State Parks’ historic preservation of the Bale Grist Mill, we get to peek back in time at what folks of the mid-19th century did before the grapes moved in. In many ways the old…

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    To the Fort!

    It’s found along one of the most scenic coastal routes in the world and surrounded by some of California’s most iconic beauty—panoramic coves, redwoods, beach after glorious beach. Fort Ross State Historic Park, just north of Jenner, couldn’t be in a better location—and that’s…

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    Tandem to Tastings

    There are certain activities that really showcase the subtle and not-so-subtle interactions of a couple. Cue the tandem bike. And toss in some wine! There might be no better place to try a tandem than in Sonoma, because of its easygoing bike route that connects multiple wineries…

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    Sonoma High

    The Bay Area Ridge Trail will one day connect over 500 miles of trail along the hills and ridgelines to make one big Bay Area loop. So far, over 350 miles have been completed, and the North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park is one of the newest pieces to this impressive puzzle. The…

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    Cabin in the Redwoods

    Want to camp in the redwoods, minus the whole pitching a tent and sleeping on the ground thing? Samuel P. Taylor State Park has you covered! The new Madrone Cabins give you the camping experience with the creature comforts of a simple cabin and beds to sleep in. Each of the five…

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    Paddle Perfection

    Jenner is enviably located smack dab where the Russian River meets the Pacific. And that’s why it’s one of the most perfect places to kayak in the Bay Area. Its compact size, diverse environment, and plentiful wildlife make it a must-do for anyone who likes to get out on the…

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    Surprise Factor

    Some people don’t like surprises, but we’re guessing even those people will like the surprise hidden beach at Russian Gulch. While you can drive by and see multiple beach options in these parts, most cars zip right past the locked gate on Highway 1. That might be because the…

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    Go the Extra Mile

    You can drive right up to a lot of incredible vista points in California and they make great excuses for getting out of the car to stretch the legs. But the Sonoma Coast State Beach “Vista Trail,” perched high on Highway 1, goes the extra mile, literally. Enjoy the best view of…

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    Art in the Vines

    There’s something big and bold happening in Napa, and it isn’t a cabernet. It’s the more than 200 acres of vineyard, lake, gardens, and off-the-beaten path landscape that makes up the creative spirit of di Rosa, a nonprofit art destination scenically set in the Carneros region of…

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    Spirit Ship

    At first glance, humble Mare Island in Vallejo might not seem like the type of place to take a walk. This old navy shipyard has dozens of unoccupied ghost-town-like buildings, and the drive to it feels almost ominous. But venture a little further and you’ll come to a revelation…

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    When the Levee Breaks

    If you drive on Highway 37 between Sears Point and Vallejo you’ll notice a dramatic change: there’s water, water, everywhere! On January 6, the levee breached, intentionally, as part of an ongoing restoration project at Cullinan Ranch in the Napa River delta. For the first time…

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    Mill About by Foot or Bike

    Birds love our fantastic bay, especially in the winter. And so do people! One of the Bay Area’s most popular roadside attractions is Mill Valley’s Bothin Marsh and Bayfront Park. The area makes for easy afternoon walking, biking, bird-watching, and bay-gawking. From Tennessee…

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    Muirly Through the Woods

    Eggs, waffles, BLTs, mimosas, what could be better? How about pairing your brunch with a walk through 600-year-old redwood trees. Skip the crowds at Muir Woods’ main entrance and start up on Panoramic Highway by the Mountain Home Inn (your brunch spot). You’ll hike high on the…

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    Country Style Ramble

    Hungry? Head to the airport! No, seriously. Petaluma Municipal Airport’s popular Two Niner Diner is a breakfast institution. Hike to it on a 4.8-mile (round-trip) rolling-green-hills ramble. Grab your best wing-mates for a hike-in brunch at this tiny country airport, where a soft…