All "Bike Rides" Stories in Northern CA

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    Kirby Appeal

    Still haven't cycled over the Golden Gate Bridge yet? We have a twist on this classic tourist outing. It's very simple. Instead of crossing over the bridge and veering right to head down to Sausalito with the Bike and Roll crowd, turn left and go up Conzelman Road toward Hawk Hill. You can do this as a hike, too.

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    Break Out the China Camp

    Close to San Francisco, close to the shores of San Pablo Bay, China Camp State Park is also a beautiful place for a mountain bike, even if you’re a beginner (yes, there’s a trail for you!). Named after an 1880s shrimp-fishing village settled by Chinese immigrants, this popular…

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    Santa Maria Is Magical

    Ready to find a beach to call your own? Make a visit to Santa Maria Beach in Point Reyes. It’s often overlooked for nearby Limantour Beach. What makes Santa Maria so quiet and peaceful? The 3-mile bike (or hike) in!

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    Crystal Clear

    Sitting juxtaposed to busy Highway 280 on the Peninsula, Crystal Springs Reservoir is a big, glistening, two-lake treasure worthy of more than a drive-by affair. Fed by High Sierra water piped from Yosemite’s Hetch Hetchy, this tranquil oasis is best seen by biking the Crystal…

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    Bike to Beers (& Bites)

    Ride your bike on a car-free trail and take a break at an alehouse … yes, please! Backed by looming Mount Diablo, the East Bay’s Contra Costa Canal Trail is an easygoing 23-mile (all-in) trail following its namesake canal, passing parks and open space. We recommend this 12-mile…

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    Valley Rock 'n' Roll

    Imagine if there was a bike-friendly paved trail that circled Yosemite Valley, hitting all the highlights … well, in fact, there is! Get ready for gorgeous waterfalls, iconic Half Dome, and more!

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    Wheel the Love

    Hop on a bike and then onto the Oakland Wine Trail. This 2-mile route leaves from Jack London Square, rolls past renovated warehouse spaces, ferry terminals, bustling markets, and trendy art districts. Park near Jack London Square and snag a Lime bike (or bring your own bike) to…

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    Cascade Roll

    Easy does it for this leaf-peeping, reservoir bike ride along the Cascade Trail near Nevada City. The 9-mile out-and-back pedal along the Cascade Canal Trail hugs the water’s edge, flanked by autumn-imbued golden big-leaf maple, native dogwood, and towering fir. The trail widens…

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    Brew Bike

    The Reno Brew Bike is a glory of human ingenuity in light of the city’s burgeoning craft brew scene: 6 to 10 people sit across from each other in a human-powered trolley, pedaling from pub to pub. Your itinerary is customized to what you want to drink and where you want to roll…

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    Ride and Seek

    Oceanside breezes, beautiful beaches, a car-free pathway for biking, and beer at the end: You’re on a roll! The San Mateo Coast was made for beach hopping and beer tasting …

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    Bay Trails & Beers

    How do you double your biking pleasure on a 10-mile (round-trip) out-and-back bike ride starting in Berkeley’s Gilman District? First, you pick a paved, car-free trail with exceptional bay views. Then, you add beer! This scenic and easygoing ride goes out to Richmond’s Marina Bay…

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    Napa Smoothie

    Beer in wine country? It all goes down nice and smooth when you pair your craft brew après with a paved, car-free bike trail paralleling the Napa River.

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    San Francisco on a Roll

    The new San Francisco treat? Small batch craft beer! And the place to find it? Ghirardelli Square. San Francisco Brewing Co. is all about beers that are delicious and easy to drink. Don’t worry, its location doesn’t mean it’s only for tourists (why should they have all the fun…

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    Sweet Home Alameda

    Maybe you’ve never heard of Bay Farm Island (also known as Harbor Bay) in Alameda, but you’ll want to know it if solitude is your style for an easygoing bike ride or walk. Though the stunning views of the skyline make San Francisco seem close, long stretches of time can pass…

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    Pacific Views & Brews

    How do you make a beach-hopping coastal bike ride even more refreshing? Just add beer! This 8-mile out-and-back ride starting at Half Moon Bay State Beach rolls 4 miles up the coast to the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. Start on the paved trail at the east side of the Half Moon…

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    More Cowell Bell!

    Crashing waves, salty air, greenery, and enormous coastal views: Biking or hiking the 6.6-miles of the Cowell-Purisima bluffs will leave you feeling spring fresh! Just a few miles south of Half Moon Bay, the Cowell-Purisma Trail stretches for 3 sea-breezy miles along high coastal…

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    It's How You Roll!

    Lush vineyards aren’t the only things rolling in Sonoma Valley these days. Casual cruiser biking is one of the best ways to see the sights and taste the wines! The key: Pedal the country roads and paved bike paths that start right from the historic plaza. Rent a bike at one of…

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    West's Best Bike Ride

    It’s the crown jewel of biking trails, wending its way through wildflowers and by the banks of the rippling Sacramento River, with stunning mountain views along the way. You’ll also cross over one of the most famous pedestrian-only bridges on the planet (its sister bridges are in…

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    All the Ride Stuff

    Car-free, paved, picnic-friendly, and paralleling the river, the American River Parkway–Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail is the perfect place for exploring on two wheels. The multi-use trail stretches 32 miles from Sacramento to Folsom, hugging the river most of the way and offering…

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    Scene Stealer

    The holiday season is filled with guilty pleasures: Spiked eggnog, check. Buying yourself a gift, check. Climbing to a panoramic high point via a short mountain bike ride or hike, check and check! You’ll be practically stealing the sweeping view at Hunter’s Point in Cupertino’s…