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    Thornewood In Your Pocket

    Hints of wildflowers, a ravine of redwoods, and vistas over the San Francisco Bay and Diablo Range. Thornewood Preserve in Woodside packs a lot into its tiny space. An early morning start has perks.

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    Gone With the Wind

    You don’t have to trek far to enjoy a hiker’s high at Windy Hill Preserve on the Peninsula. Its panoramic attraction is easily accessed via the 0.7-mile Anniversary Trail, and it’s magnificent at sunset.

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    Best Foot Forward

    Foothills Park has 15 miles of trail surrounded by misty valleys, tender oak trees, seasonal creeks, a peaceful lake, and beautiful Bay Area vistas. Plan ahead because it's new, and very popular.

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    Find Your Flow

    Far back in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Uvas Canyon County Park is a compact, tree-filled delight with hiking trails and several waterfalls bunched into a loop along Swanson Creek and amid lush forest.

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    Santa Cruz Epic Views

    Redwoods, wildflowers, and ocean vistas offer the best of the Bay Area at Upper La Honda Creek Preserve in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Take a 3.75-mile loop through the preserve's highlights.

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    Serenity at Sunrise

    El Sereno Preserve's namesake mountain rises to majestic views spanning the Diablo Range, Santa Cruz Mountains, and Santa Lucia Mountains. Do a sunrise hike to a new bench on the Aquinas Trail.

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    Winter Awakening

    Mavericks' surf break off the coast of Half Moon Bay has been drawing spectators and big-wave surfers for years. Watch the wave when it’s breaking by hiking Pillar Point Bluff's amazing trail system.

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    2021 Hiking Calendar!

    Ready to kick off 2021? (Like we have to ask.) Literally kick it off, with a hike! Download the 2021 POST Hiking Calendar (complimentary)—with recommended trails for every month of the year.

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    It Takes a Hidden Villa

    Adorable farm animals and peaceful hiking trails: Now that's some comfort and joy. Visit Hidden Villa in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, hike to South Bay vistas and see animal cuteness.

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    Hiking Forecast: Windy

    Fall colors in mid-December? They're fully showing off at Windy Hill Preserve in the South Bay. We recommend a 6.2-mile loop that starts and finishes at its namesake summit, where sunsets dazzle.

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    Light of Los Trancos

    In autumn, Los Trancos Open Space Preserve lights up with orange-red maples, yellow hazelnut, and deciduous oaks, making this 2.5-mile hike in the Santa Cruz mountains a wonder-fall destination.

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    Forest Bathe Under the Redwoods

    Giant Douglas firs and a peaceful madrone- and tanoak-studded forest make the hiking at Sanborn County Park sublime, but there’s an added majesty here thanks to the Todd Creek Redwoods Grove.

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    Hike and Seek

    This 2.1-mile hike in McClellan Ranch Preserve near downtown Cupertino has quiet nature, historic ranch buildings, wildlife-watching, fall color, and Stevens Creek.

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    Simply Wunderful

    Hike the mixed evergreen woodland and coast redwoods in the South Bay's Wunderlich Park. Sunlight filters naturally through the trees on this lovely 3.4-mile lollipop loop.

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    Redwoods, Beach, Banner View!

    Explore among the redwoods in Henry Cowell State Park on this magical 5-mile hike featuring the big trees, a beach, and a beautiful view from an observation deck.

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    Ah, Good Point

    Ready for a rewarding view? Head to to one of the Peninsula’s favorite promontories: Mori Point. Climb your way up the Bootlegger’s Steps to the Mori Point headland for awesome vantages of the San Mateo Coast.

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    A View Comes into Re-focus

    The view from the San Francisco Bay “Discovery Site” is quite grand, but its history isn’t. Situated at 1,200 feet on a ridgeline between Pacifica and San Bruno, the scenery from the site is awe-inspiring.

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    Views Fit for a King

    This 6-miler has it all: interesting sandstone formations, wide blue views of the Pacific, and a glistening waterfall. Castle Rock State Park is a popular treasure of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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    Crushin' on Russian Ridge

    We can't always guarantee timing, but wildflowers love Russian Ridge. In spring this park can be a tapestry of colors, but even if the flower power isn't full on, the views sure are!

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    Mellow Mavericks

    It’s a site famous for the Mavericks surfing competition, but even without the massive swells, Pillar Point still has plenty to get excited about. Including a short hike with beautiful coastal views and striking sunset scenery.