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You don’t have to leave land to enjoy banner views of San Francisco Bay thanks to the dedicated…

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You don’t have to leave land to enjoy banner views of San Francisco Bay thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Bay Trail, which will eventually connect 500 miles of multi-purpose trail around the entire bay. Bike one of the trail’s most scenic stretches—the paved Eastshore State Park Bay Trail—from Emery Point to the Berkeley Marina. The 5-mile (round-trip) route parallels the east shore of San Francisco Bay. Roll past spring poppies, migratory shorebirds in the tidal wetland, and windsurfers skimming across the waves. At the Berkeley Marina go left and cycle by the Berkeley Yacht Club as sailboats set out into the choppy waters. Continue down to the Berkeley Pier, where we recommend dismounting your bike and walking the pier to enjoy unobstructed views of San Francisco, the Golden Gate, Mount Tam, the Bay Bridge, and the massive cranes of the Port of Oakland. Returning the way you came is a colorful pedal as blooms of pride of Madeira paint the shore bright purple.

TIP: Rent Linus cruisers at Manifesto Bikes and ride in vintage style. It’s a 3.5-mile ride (one-way) from the storefront to the trailhead, or you can tote the bike to the trailhead’s public parking lot at Emery Point.

Free parking for the Eastshore State Park Bay Trail is available at Emery Point in Emeryville at roughly 5891 West Frontage Rd. More free parking is available at Marina Park in Emeryville, 1.7 miles from Point Emery. From there, ride east down Powell Street, turning left on the frontage road, to begin along the Bay Trail.  Manifesto Bikes, (510) 595-1155, is located at 421 40th Street in Oakland and is open every day except Wednesday. Bike rentals are $25 for the day.


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