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Gary EricksonOccupation: Clif Bar founder/ownerHome: NapaActivities: Biking, skiing, climbingFavorite destinations: Wine country, Sierra Nevada "I was lucky to…

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Gary Erickson
Occupation: Clif Bar founder/owner
Home: Napa
Activities: Biking, skiing, climbing
Favorite destinations: Wine country, Sierra Nevada

“I was lucky to grow up in the Bay Area,” says Clif Bar founder, Gary Erickson. “I’ve never found another place that has as much diversity in culture, food, music, and sport, which is why we feel like it’s a perfect place for the Clif Bar headquarters.” Though running his socially and environmentally scrupulous energy bar company (named after his dad) consumes a lot of time, Erickson still finds ways to play outside. Among his favorite activities? “Both Nordic and alpine skiing,” says Erickson, “and in the summer, backpacking is right up there as well. My wife, Kit, and I love the Sierra Nevada.” But Erickson’s first love will always be cycling. “We moved up to Napa several years ago and I’ve been exploring the area on my bike ever since. Just north of the Napa Valley is a great place to ride—quiet country roads and beautiful views.” Erickson favors the Apricot Clif Bar for long rides, but when he’s done, he reaches for a different kind of carb. “Unless I’m dehydrated,” he says, “I like to relax on my deck with a cold one; Anchor Steam is my No. 1 choice.”

Directions: For a great ride north of Napa Valley, start in Middletown and follow Big Canyon Road, Loch Lomond Road, and Highway 175 on a 30-mile loop through rolling hills and tranquil vineyards. After the ride, grab a cold one at Mount St. Helena Brewing Co., 21167 Calistoga Road, Middletown; 707-987-2106. Click here for a map of the vicinity.


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