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Grab your best mates and get on board for a night voyage so intriguing it could hook Jack…

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Grab your best mates and get on board for a night voyage so intriguing it could hook Jack Sparrow. During full moons, the pros at Pirate Coast Paddle Company captain a 90-minute Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) adventure in the Newport Back Bay. Arrive at sunset for some brief on-shore basics before bedecking both board and body in bright glow sticks—yellow, green, orange, pink, blue, or purple, these fluorescent beacons help light the way (and track wayward drifters). Then it’s onto the protected water of this inlet, where the only other neon you’re likely to see is bioluminescent plankton. Gliding across the moonlit bay, keep an eye out for flying fish, (non-stinging) jellyfish, bat rays, and sea lions. The nearby bird estuary means there’s also a chance to spy feathered favorites like cranes, pelicans, and ducks. Take a break and relax on the cool sands of Dune Beach before paddling back. Think you’ve got your sea legs? Try a 360-degree jump, walking on your board, or hanging 10 (your guides can teach you these tricks). Don’t worry if you fall; the water’s warmer at night. And it’s better than walking the plank.

PADDLE & POPCORN BONUS: During summer, Pirate Coast Paddle Company also hosts Paddle & Popcorn movie nights. The next one is tomorrow night (Friday, July 8) at 7:30 p.m., featuring The Incredibles. Paddle to a movie on the beach!

The next SUP full moon paddles are July 14 & July 15 (followed by August 11 & 12). Space is limited, so email piratecoastpc@gmail.com to reserve a spot. Cost is $25, including board and paddle rental. Meet at 7:30 p.m. at Newport Aquatic Center, located on the north side of Newport Bay at 1 White Cliffs Dr.


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