Boggs Labyrinth

Forget Moab. Dump Durango. Some of the best mountain biking we've found is only two hours from Market…

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Forget Moab. Dump Durango. Some of the best mountain biking we’ve found is only two hours from Market Street in a rugged patch of woods called Boggs Mountain in southern Lake County. Packed with ponderosa pine and black fir, the forest is gloriously empty even on weekends. And the bikers who are there are apt to be old-school locals riding fully rigid mountain bikes and sporting neon Oakley Blades. They’re ridin’ for the pure love of it. And oh, those trails—toothpick-tight singletrack rolling up and down through the forest. You’ll have your pick, so get a map at the kiosk located below the parking area near the fire station. Our favorites were “John’s” and “Karen’s” (almost all the trails are on a first-name basis here) but we’re pretty sure you’ll find your own sweet sections. The terrain never gets super technical; it’s just swooping singletrack that one local described as “like low-level flying through a forest.” Buckle up! More information.

TIP: After your flight, grab a brew and some comfort food at the newly opened Saw Mill Café & Bistro. Try the fried chicken (all dishes are garnished with an exotic flower) and check out the historic newspaper headlines, from Nixon’s resignation to the German surrender in WWII.

Saw Mill Café & Bistro, 16555 Highway 175, Cobb; 707-928-4086.

Directions to Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest: Take 101 North. In Santa Rosa, exit Highway 12 going east. Go about 4 miles. Turn left on Calistoga Road and take it about 7 miles until Petrified Forest Road. Turn right and take it a few miles until you hit Highway 128, turn left and take it one mile. Turn right on Tubbs Lane, and then left on Highway 29. Take this all the way to Middletown. Once there, go north on Highway 175 toward Boggs Mountain. Just past Cobb, turn right where the sign says “CDF Fire Station” and park. Camping is available in the park.


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