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No plans for Valentine's Day weekend? No worries—look like a hero by taking your sweetheart on one of…

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No plans for Valentine’s Day weekend? No worries—look like a hero by taking your sweetheart on one of these 10 outdoor romantic rendezvous.

Beauty and the Beach: Bring the dog and take a long stroll along Point Reyes’ Limantour Beach. Afterwards, walk the 6-block town of Point Reyes Station and stop in at Bovine Bakery for an extra touch of sweet.

Inn Love: Combine one Marin icon (Mt. Tam), two historic inns connected by a trail with sweeping views, your favorite hiking partner, and wine and cheese for seasoning. Ooh la la! Instant romance.

Auld Lang Wine: Wind your way through Palomares Canyon to Chouinard Winery in the hidden hills outside of Livermore. This Valentine’s Day, Chouinard is hosting a barrel tasting, with homemade bread and cheeses.

Northern Comfort: Pedal from San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and make a sharp right turn down to Cavallo Point Lodge at historic Fort Baker. Enjoy a farm fresh brunch on the patio or sip a warm drink by the outdoor fire pit.

Wilbur Wind-down: Soak the day away at Wilbur Hot Springs near Clear Lake. Try out three different flumes of water ranging from 98 to 110 degrees. Some like it hot!

Urban Waterfall: Berkeley’s got all sorts of hidden treasures within its city limits. One of our favorites: a secret waterfall accessed from a stairway behind Codornices Park.

That’s A Mori: Grab binoculars, lawn chairs, and a thermos filled with goodness, then head to Pacifica’s Mori Point for some afternoon basking. From your cliff-top vantage point, scan the waters for migrating gray whales.

Light My Bonfire: Escape 20 minutes north of the Golden Gate with firewood and a guitar (recommended, but not mandatory) and relax away the afternoon next to your Muir Beach bonfire.

Redwood Ramble: Mix evergreens and redwoods with your romance along a loop hike in Huddart Park in Woodside. Afterwards, grab a fireside chair at the nearby Mountain House for a post-hike pit stop.

Mood Music: Can’t play a tune to save your life? Then head to San Francisco’s mysterious Wave Organ in the Marina, where waves from the sea create musical masterpieces.


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