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A bike ride and a beer just got a refreshing new spin with an off-road, two-wheel adventure that…

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A bike ride and a beer just got a refreshing new spin with an off-road, two-wheel adventure that combines San Francisco’s hidden bike trails with its tastiest craft brew pubs. Thank the keen eye and networking talents of long-time resident and owner of Inner Richmond’s San Francyclo, Jason Annecone: He’s rolled out a series of off-the-beaten path and customizable local bike tours, including a Brews & Bike option showcasing parts of San Francisco that guide books won’t. One of these, the “Richmond Gears & Beers Loop”, features three breweries with distinct master-crafts. After gearing up in the shop (tours include a smooth riding bike and a helmet), you’ll pedal beyond the crowds on JFK Drive and into the singletrack labyrinth of Golden Gate Park. Weaving through the interior, take in a few of the park’s hidden surprises (that’s all we’re saying) before popping out of the woods at the Park Chalet’s back patio. The on-site brewery is known for crisp California ales, but be sure save your stamina! The pedaling continues with a healthy climb to the Pacific postcard views of Lands End (cameras at the ready) and a jaunt on the Bay Area Ridge Trail through the Presidio. This concludes the power-up portion of the tour…time to cruise downhill and then along the flats en-route to sampling an English bitter at the Haight’s Magnolia Pub, followed by the Belgian strong ale at Inner Sunset’s Social Kitchen and Brewery. Dust off your mug and give a toast to this tasty Tour de SanFrancyclo.

Bike tours start from Jason’s shop, San Francyclo, 746 Arguello Blvd. (at Golden Gate Ave.). Jason customizes tours for the group, but the featured three-stop bike and brewery tour runs $100/person and takes approximately 4 hours. 


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