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Watching an autumn sunset over the Bay is magical; so, where's the ideal spot for catching this show…

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Watching an autumn sunset over the Bay is magical; so, where’s the ideal spot for catching this show while enjoying dinner and drinks, too? Bring a home-packed meal and some adult beverages (totally allowed) for a 90-minute floating feast that’s popular with locals. Friday and Saturday evenings the Angel Island Ferry moonlights as a homegrown cruiser and offers the best sunset picnic on the bay. Tables and chairs are already prepared, and this excursion is rarely overcrowded.

After departing Tiburon at 6:30 p.m., the ferry heads west toward Sausalito and Richardson Bay. Toast the occasion as you watch the hues on the horizon change from lilac to mango to deep orange. The Golden Gate Bridge beams in the sun’s sinking rays. You can eat, drink, and be merry inside the ferry, but we recommend the stellar 360-degree views from the upstairs deck. As darkness falls, the San Francisco skyline shimmers and the new Bay Bridge adds extra bling. The last sunset cruise for the season is October 12. All aboard this moveable feast!


The season runs mid May to mid October. Prices are $30 per adult. Reserve online


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