Treasure Hunt from Home

Instead of spring cleaning, do some treasure gathering. We're suckers for finding that perfect souvenir to take home…

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Instead of spring cleaning, do some treasure gathering. We’re suckers for finding that perfect souvenir to take home from national or state parks, or really anywhere we’ve traveled and explored! Other mementos we shamelessly seek: magnets, t-shirts, patches, stickers, the list goes on. We love to have these small items as memories, and as positive reminders of travel, adventures, discoveries and explorations. To keep the inspiration, join us in your own treasure hunt from home.

Gather up as much as you can from the list we’ve put together below, and share it in one pic on Instagram, #weekendsherpa. We want to see it!

Treasure Hunt from Home (gather as many of these items as you can).

+ A postcard you planned to send to someone else, then realized it was actually pretty cool so kept for yourself.

+ Your favorite national park ornament.

+ The tackiest travel magnet of them all!

+ A journal you got on a whim and kinda, sort of wrote in.

+ That fascinating rock you picked up, and ended up using as a soap holder.

+ Your go-to outdoors hat.

+ The bandana you’re now using as a face mask.

+ A hiking map with yellow highlights all over it.

+ A favorite sticker you still haven’t stuck on anything because you’re overanalyzing it. (Bonus: Get a free sticker from us!)

+ A patch you plan to iron onto something … someday.

+ A book you began reading while camping.

+ Worst souvenir tee shirt, ever.

+ Backcountry permit or museum ticket you kept.

+ A free water bottle you got from some outdoors challenge you completed.

+ A beer mug that seemed like a good idea after a few pints.

+ Flip flops your dog chewed by hey, they’re still good!

BONUS TREASURE: A tattoo … because you really loved a place or you don’t remember how it happened.



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