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San Francisco's WAG Hotel not only pampers your pet while you're away, but keeps you in the know…

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San Francisco’s WAG Hotel not only pampers your pet while you’re away, but keeps you in the know about the wondrous world of dogs and cats. The weekly WAG Podcast digs up the biggest news in the animal world, scratches beneath the surface to get to the real bone of the stories, and sniffs out the latest scandals and gossip in the high society of barks and meows. Veteran dog-correspondent Dozer provides hard-hitting commentary and analyses of the latest events. The WAG Podcast presents ordinary dogs doing extraordinary things (a pug skydives!), fallen beauty queens (winners of the Ugliest Dog Contest), eminent canine artists (Sparky paints!), lifestyle choices (does the raw-food diet work?) and lots more. With the WAG Podcast, get the no-holds-barred poop from dogs, cats, and pet owners. It brings a whole new meaning to getting the scoop.

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WAG Hotel, 25 14th Street (just off Harrison), San Francisco; 888-WAG-LINE.


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