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Whoa ... did you see that?! It's not the wine talking (well, it might be). The things you…

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Whoa … did you see that?! It’s not the wine talking (well, it might be). The things you see on the Sonoma Haunted Walking Tour will give you thrills and chills as you explore the town with your K2 meter in hand (like something out of Ghostbusters), waiting for some spirit vibes and hearing stories of local haunts—and those who ghost there ….

Your guides for this 2-hour evening tour are paranormal pros who have appeared on related shows for Travel Channel, among others. Start at a giant oak tree near Sonoma’s historic plaza, getting acquainted with paranormal activity, the witching fork, and a spirit or two, before making your way around the town discovering its ghoulish secrets and scandals—from brothels to beer drinkers who perhaps had one too many pints ….

Strolling Sonoma’s plaza, you’ll hear about urban legends and historical happenings, all the while keeping an eye on your blinking K2 meter: is it going off the charts!? That’s called a “Hit!” (Otis, the ghost who likes to read newspapers in his old car, seemed to want to connect with our editor.)

There’s hauntings and unsolved mysteries to ponder among iconic places like City Hall and the barracks (now a state park).

Discover a mass grave beneath your feet, learn about the site of the Indian Bear & Rattlesnake Sacrifice Ceremony, and be sure to take pictures … you never know if the camera’s going to spot the ghost before you do …. (they prefer no filters, fyi).

BONUS WINE: The Sonoma Haunted Walking tour has a saying: “Come for wine, stay for the spirits!” So if you’re making a day or weekend of it in Sonoma, try to get an appointment with Bedrock Wine Co. (pictured below). Tucked in a charming courtyard on the east side of the Plaza, Bedrock’s tasting room is a beautiful historic home, curated with gorgeous odes to Sonoma’s past, and present. The old vine wines are outstanding (including a field blend named among Wine Spectator’s top 10 wines of 2018). Kristin runs the show in the tasting room and she’s awesome. The ghost tour ends on the late side, but the Plaza will still have a restaurants and bars open. Murphy’s Irish Pub and the Swiss Hotel are two favorites for later night libations and food.

Book the Sonoma Plaza Ghost Walking Tour (it falls within the umbrella of the Napa City Ghosts & Legends Walking Tour). No dogs on this particular tour.


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