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    Briones Bountiful!

    With over 6,000 acres teeming with trails, Briones Regional Park has plenty of room, big views, and a classic 7-mile circuit passing the two highest points in the park, Mott’s Peak and Briones Peak.

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    Short Hike, Sweet View!

    Steady as you go ... all the way up to a sweeping Bay vista at Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve. This 208-acre haven has a 4.3-mile loop to one of the best views in the East Bay.

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    Shell of a Good Hike!

    Head to the East Bay’s Shell Ridge Open Space near Walnut Creek to find 1,400 acres of rolling hills. This 7-mile ridge rambling loop showcases all that the foothills of Mount Diablo have to offer.

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    Wander Among the Mistletoe

    This 2.7-mile loop through the East Bay’s Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park is brimming with a holiday staple: mistletoe.

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    Bike to the Brews and Views

    An island city on San Francisco Bay, Alameda is home to a craft beer and spirits boom that has a firm foothold in its industrial westside. Ride your bike from Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach to Faction Brewing.

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    Opt for Oursan

    Hike the trail less traveled in the East Bay's Briones Regional Park. The Oursan Trail is pure serenity on a wide hiking path skirting the northern shores of Briones Reservoir.

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    Sibley Amazement

    A 10-million-year-old volcano and a couple of labyrinths are part of this 2.2-mile hike in the Oakland Hills at Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve.

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    All Ride, Albany!

    Bike a new section of the Bay Trail on a pedal from Berkeley to Albany Bulb for gorgeous waterside vistas, colorful outdoor art, and a short hike detour to a labyrinth.

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    Ridgetop Rolling

    Tilden Regional Park is the flagship of the East Bay Regional Parks system. And its best views? Find them along Nimitz Way, a paved, multi-use ridgetop trail. We recommend biking this trail for about 4 miles.

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    Peak a Boo-Yeah!

    Laurel Canyon Trailhead in the East Bay’s Tilden Regional Park is like finding the entrance to Narnia and getting whisked away to a magical landscape.

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    Solano Salutations

    This is for those who like to find their hiking thrills in the hills! Make this destination near Fairfield one of your spring strolling—and birding—sites.

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    Wanda-ful Hike

    When John Muir wasn’t trekking the Sierra, he could usually be found hiking near his home in Martinez, at Mount Wanda, named for his daughter.

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    Bridge the Distance

    You like a good trail mix? Hike a blend of ridgetop rambling, bridge and bay views, and a eucalyptus forest at Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline.

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    Hill Yeah!

    The East Bay's Crockett Hills Regional Park has a 3-mile loop overflowing with rolling landscape and beautiful scenery.

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    Go North!

    Mount Diablo's little-visited North Peak is the real summit to scale. Unlike the main mount, which you can get to by car (or bike), the North Peak can only be reached via a 1.8-mile (one-way) moderate hike.

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    Easy Does It, East Bay

    Lafayette Reservoir is an East Bay classic and this time of year we recommend simply stretching your legs on the trail around the reservoir.

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    Sibley Sensations

    Make your way to Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve in the Oakland Hills for a 3.5-mile (round-trip) hike alongside the East Bay’s 10-million-year-old volcano.

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    Fernandez Fabulous

    There’s a lesser known hiking haven located in the northern range of the East Bay Hills. Fernandez Ranch has beautiful trails through the park’s golden hills and under oak savannahs. This 4-mile recommended loop hike bonuses with glorious view of San Francisco Bay.

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    Banner Briones

    There’s a challenging 3.9-mile hike at Briones Regional Park where the reward is some of the East Bay’s best views.

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    Berkeley's Bounty

    Berkeley’s best ingredients for fall hiking: forest for some color, ridges for some huge views, plus redwoods and a tranquil lake. Ta-dah! It’s all within this 3.3-mile hike in Tilden Regional Park.