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    Your Private Cabin Is Calling

    A private cabin in Yosemite tucked among sugar pines? Yes please! The brand-new Explorer Cabins at Tenaya Lodge make your next Yosemite getaway even more relaxing. Each standalone cabin has a small kitchen, deck with lounge chairs, two bedrooms, and all modern furnishings…

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    Tahoe Trio of Lakes

    Three alpine lakes, superb views, and shoreline camping for soaking it all in … Loch Leven Lakes is pure Tahoe wilderness. This 7.2-mile out-and-back in Tahoe National Forest is great for a long day hike, or a weekend of adventure camping among this trio of crystal waters. The…

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    White Tank Campground

    Heaven for star buffs: the best campground in Joshua Tree National Park for night-sky viewing, in a place named an International Dark Sky Park, with a full-on observatory just minutes away! White Tank Campground is at 3,800 feet in the eastern part of the park, far from the…

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    Midtown Magnificent

    Stunning murals, outstanding craft beer, a lively industrial district, and farmers markets filled with tasty fare and artisan flair … it’s all happening in Sacramento! Take a stroll through the lively Midtown neighborhood and you can view some of the capital city’s best artwork…

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    Valley Rock 'n' Roll

    Imagine if there was a bike-friendly paved trail that circled Yosemite Valley’s floor, hitting all the highlights … well, in fact, there is! Rent your wheels and grab a map from the Yosemite Valley Lodge or Half Dome Village and forget about the buses. Just be ready to stretch…

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    Oh So Power-Fall!

    Who doesn't love a good waterfall? Well, this classic hike in Yosemite gives you two bangs for your hiking buck. But get an early start, because this is one of the most popular trails in the park.

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    Zippity Yeeha!

    When TripAdvisor rates you Mariposa’s #1 attraction, and your tagline is Get Your Zip On, there’s a lot to live up to. And Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch delivers! Created, owned, and operated by husband-and-wife team Bryan and Victoria Imrie, this 6-stage guided zip tour…

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    Nuclear Option

    A private stretch of the glorious Central Coast with poppy-studded hills and wild coastal bluffs is ours for the hiking, and you’ll never guess who the willing-to-share landlord is: none other than PG&E’s Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. Point Buchon Trail makes a grand tour of…

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    Eagle Eye Surprise

    Granite peaks, a view of Lake Tahoe, and a waterfall—get it all on a 2-mile (round-trip) winter hike to Tahoe’s Eagle Lake. In summer, this trail is busy, but in spring, you can get to the lake without the crowds. The snow is packed enough that you can make it to the lake in good…

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    Echo Yeah!

    In summer, the bustling resort of Echo Lakes—10 miles from South Lake Tahoe—is a popular gateway into Desolation Wilderness and stopover for Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers. In winter, the road to the lakes gets covered with snow and transforms into a winter oasis for snowshoeing…

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    Gallivant in Galena

    Get your fill of winter thrills just a few miles from downtown Reno in Galena Creek Regional Park. The park is full of trails, but Jones Creek Loop makes an easy 1.7-mile route, set to the soundtrack of crunching snow. It’s perfect for novices, and for those seeking a quick…

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    Woods Lake in Winter

    Powder up for a snow-filled adventure to frozen Woods Lake. This 4-mile (round-trip) out-and-back in the Carson Pass takes you through gently rolling hills, across snow-covered meadows, and alongside meandering streams. Start your journey in the Meiss Meadow Sno-Park. Cross the…

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    Hike to Hidden Falls

    Rain, sun, rain, wind, partial sun, rain … what’s a hiker to do? Go with the flow! Or rather, go to the flow. Hidden Falls Regional Park in the Sierra foothills near Auburn has 30 miles of multi-use trails, the most popular of which is the 2.5-mile (round-trip) route leading to…

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    Picnic Paramour

    Some hardcore enthusiasts snowshoe the entire Tahoe Rim Trail—all 165 miles of it! Looking for just a good morsel of it? Get a taste of this famous terrain on a 3.6-mile (round-trip) segment, offering 360-degree views for little effort. From Highway 267, shuffle up the trail on a…

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    From Redwoods to Sea Stacks

    In the heart of Anderson Valley, Hendy Woods State Park is rarely crowded, especially in winter, and has a star attraction: ancient redwoods. There’s an easy 2-mile (round-trip) hike among the redwoods via the Discovery and Upper Loop trails. Meander among 300-foot coastal…

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    Where to Sheep

    Located in the hills of Anderson Valley, with Adirondacks and hammocks perched perfectly for relaxation, and plenty of room to roam, Sheep Dung Properties is no ordinary name—because it’s no ordinary place! The property is a collection of secluded modern cottages spread across…

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    Sipping Through the Valley

    Anderson Valley is best known for its pinots, but you’ll find almost every kind of wine here … so take your time. It’s hard to go wrong in these parts, but here are a few wineries we really like: Handley Cellars: In 1982 Milla Handley produced her first vintage—250 cases of…

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    On the Ropes!

    Italy has given us great coffee, superb fashion, and an exciting way to get your outdoor thrills via, well—Via Ferrata! Part rock climbing, part alpine hiking, Via Ferrata is a built-in cable system that allows you to scale mountains, climb ladders, and cross bridges all while…

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    Cascade Roll

    Easy does it for this leaf-peeping, reservoir bike ride along the Cascade Trail near Nevada City. The 9-mile out-and-back pedal along the Cascade Canal Trail hugs the water’s edge, flanked by autumn-imbued golden big-leaf maple, native dogwood, and towering fir. The trail widens…

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    Picnic with a View

    When early autumn arrives in the mountains, you never really know what you’ll get … hot days, rainy afternoons, snow. Good thing the path to Picnic Rock on the Tahoe Rim Trail is as all-purpose as they come—and offers one of the grandest views of Lake Tahoe. Lace the hiking shoes…