Reacquainted with the Outdoors

Slow and steady, here we go ... outside is making a comeback. Here are some hikes in various counties across Southern California to get you inspired.

Week 05.28.2020
Regions Southern CA

As always, check official websites for information and updates before you go, since statuses may change. Enjoy your local trails!

1) Urban Jurassic {Los Angeles County}

Griffith Park hike Berline Forest

As Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm character famously says in Jurassic Park: Life finds a way. He may have been talking about a scary dinosaur takeover, but as California continues to face droughts, an abundance of tropical plant life tucked away on a 3.5-mile Griffith Park hike proves his point.

2) Cowabunga, Cucamonga! {Los Angeles County}

Cucamonga Peak

Now that the days are longer, if you really want to get in a solid hike, do the challenging 12.1-mile (round-trip) hike that bags the 8,859-foot Cucamonga Peak, one of the tallest in the San Gabriel Mountains. On a clear day the summit offers expansive views of the high desert and the Inland Empire that are almost completely unimpeded by other mountains. Bring plenty of water and check the weather forecast before going.

3) Baldwin Beautiful {Los Angeles County}

Baldwin Hills Overlook

Set at 511 feet, the balcony viewing point at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook offers a glowing perspective of Los Angeles—especially at sunset. You can drive to the overlook, but it’s more fun (okay, better exercise) to start from city level and hoof it up the 1.25-mile dirt hiking trail that winds around the famous Baldwin steps in a series of switchbacks.

4) Coast Is Crystal Clear {Orange County}

Crystal Cover overlook hike

Captivating coastline, charming cottages, clear waters, and quaint wooden staircases: It’s just another day at the beach on this 6-mile (round-trip) seaside stroll in Crystal Cove State Park.

5) Big Sycamore, Big Views {Ventura County}

Hike Point Mugu Big Sycamore Canyon Loop Trail

The coolest part of the Big Sycamore Canyon Loop Trail in Point Mugu State Park? Every stretch offers something new, from rocky bluffs to grassy valleys, coastal views to majestic mountains. This 9-mile (round-trip) trail is best hiked in a counterclockwise direction. That way, the scenery gets more awe-inspiring mile by mile, as you climb about 1,200 feet from the Malibu coast into the Santa Monica Mountains and back. Bring plenty of water. (Bring plenty of your own water; this is a long hot and can get hot. Check trail status for one-way direction hikes only due to Covid-19. Very limited parking.)

6) Abra Cabrillo {San Diego County}

Hike and tidepool Cabrillo National Monument Point Loma

We’re allowed back outdoors again, so we’re all kinda feeling that explorer’s mind-set. Be Cabrillo! Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, that is. He was the first foreign visitor (1542) to San Diego. Honor his legacy with some San Diego tide pooling, whale watching, and 3.5 miles of walking at the park that bears his name: Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma.

7) Reminder: New Rules of the Trail

We love the outdoors and we want to keep them open! Here’s a simple guide to the New Rules of the Trail.

8) New Podcast Episode: Easing Back Into the Outdoors

Weekend Sherpa podcast

(Dipping our pinky toe in…) Weekend Sherpa is back to recommending local outdoor adventures. Brad and Holly discuss parks across California re-opening, some of the ongoing mixed messages, and the importance of getting outdoors as a health benefit. Hear about some of the parks they recommend, plus part of the podcast was recorded from the top of a mountain on a Memorial Day weekend hike (because, why not?!). Check out the podcast.

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