All Stories from Southern CA

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    Do it Yourself Walking Tour of Solvang

    Solvang has long been described as a “little slice of Denmark in Southern California." Experience the historic village on a 3-mile walk that explores the architecture, food, wine, and green space.

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    Lovers Loop

    Peaks, canyons, streams, meadows, trees—Lovers Loop in Los Olivos is the hike of your dreams in the Santa Ynez Valley. Explore it on this 4-mile hike where beautiful vistas abound. Then, wine taste!

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    Water and Wine

    Visit the largest water source on the Santa Ynez River— Lake Cachuma—on a 4.5-mile out-and-back hike along the shores of the reservoir. Follow it up with some Gruner Veltliner Sauvignon at a winery.

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    Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook in west Los Angeles is famous for its expansive views of Tinsel Town, but this urban park and landmark also offers a solid workout in its stairway and trail system.

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    Mighty Among Giants

    It’s not the tallest summit, but at 4,624 feet Stoddard Peak near Los Angeles is still mighty among nearby giants like Mount Baldy and the popular Potato Mountain. And the reward? Huge views!

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    Marshall Mellow

    The 3-mile (round-trip) Marshall Peak Trail might not be the most epic in the San Bernardino National Forest, but this lightly used trail is beautiful in spring when the wildflowers come out.

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    Truly Grand Day Hike

    One of the best spring day hikes in the Grand Canyon? See layer upon layer of the park’s grandeur—including the river—on this 3-mile (one-way) journey to Skeleton Point via the South Kaibab Trail.

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    Eucalyptus Loop

    Forest bathing among Australian trees and biting into tasty Australian meat pies—head to the 3.25-mile Eucalyptus Loop in Chino Hills and end with Aussie meat pies at a great local bakery.

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    Elysian Metropolis

    Forest bathe at Elysian Park on this 2.5-mile hike with huge metropolis perspectives and plentiful forest bathing among eucalyptus. Then head to Little Ripper Coffee for their signature latte and food.

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    Rogers That!

    This 2.25-mile loop in Will Rogers State Historic Park dazzles with panoramas and eucalyptus forest bathing amid a massive grove that will have you looking up for koalas in California.

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    Secret Stair Master!

    Step up to a wonderful 2-mile, nearly 1000-step workout in peaceful Pasadena that is part leg labor, part suburban stroll, and all serene secret.

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    Stairstruck in Hollywood

    Beachwood Canyon in Hollywoodland has an action-packed adventure with A-list workouts, big-budget views, and a stair-studded cast. Running time is 1.25 miles with five staircases

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    Hidden Stairway in Silver Lake

    This hidden stairway hike in Silver Lake features both artistic and historic steps via 1.5 miles, four unique staircases, and countless local food options.

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    Treasures in Watts

    The famous Watts Towers are an outdoor sculpture exhibit and an homage to the spirited and diverse history of Watts, from City revitalization and riots, to racial unity and community resilience.

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    LA's Memorial to MLK

    The 400-acre Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area is home to trails, lawns, picnic areas, and—at the park’s highest point, overlooking LA’s skyline—the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Tree Grove.

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    Bruce's Beach Belongs

    Every community has heroes “really intent on making this a better place for all people,” as Maya Angelou put it. For Manhattan Beach, it was the Bruce family. Explore their namesake beach.

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    Dune Swoon

    Of all the places to catch a sunset in Death Valley, we still think there’s none better than the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, inspiring many things, including log rolls, cartwheels, and sundown selfies.

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    Cataclysmic Galactic

    Death Valley has a Star Wars vibe going with its desolate landscape. So when you first arrive to hike at the incredible Ubehebe Crater you might expect to see the Millennium Falcon hunkered nearby.

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    Canyons Calling

    Canyon hikes come in all shapes and sizes in Death Valley, and we’ve got two gems. One requires more rigorous scrambling and navigation, and leads to a dryfall; the other takes you up to a brilliant vista.

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    Good as Golden

    Golden Canyon in Death Valley has a variety of hiking trails. We like this classic 5.5-mile loop exploring a labyrinth of marbled gold colored hills, badlands, narrow canyons, and tremendous vistas.