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    Best Supporting Background

    The acclaimed movie Wild cast a big Hollywood spotlight on the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,660-mile route up the western states between the Mexican and Canadian borders. Hike a fantastic local slice (0.12%, to be precise) of the epic journey on a challenging 6.4-mile (round-trip…

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    Golden Oldie

    Nominated for Best Picture in 1940, The Wizard of Oz became a classic. “Follow the yellow brick road” just beckoned an adventure. You too can follow a road and get to a happy ending by hopping on a two-wheeler for a mellow journey that concludes with a cold glass of Hefeweizen…

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    Starring Leo

    The shores at Leo Carrillo State Park in Malibu have been the backdrop for such cinematic masterpieces as Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler’s 50 First Dates. Of course, it’s also been the backdrop for true classics like The Karate Kid, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Clint Eastwood’s…

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    Hero's Welcome

    If you’re looking for solitude at Runyon Canyon Park, you’re in the wrong place. With a central location, knock-out views of Los Angeles, off-leash hiking areas for dogs, and trails to tone the thighs, the park is popular. But if you’re more into a workout and less into the…

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    Solitary Solstice

    Malibu’s Solstice Canyon often teems with visitors, and for good reason: its leafy ravine leads to a year-round waterfall and the captivating ruins of a home lost to a 1982 wildfire. See the sights but lose the crowds on a 3.2-mile out-and-back hike. Five hundred feet above the…

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    Undercover Wilacre

    Wilacre Park’s Betty B. Dearing Trail is almost always packed. But there’s an unnamed path paralleling it that feels near empty in comparison. Instead of battling the masses at the Laurel Canyon trailhead, park for free at Tree People, an environmental nonprofit off Mulholland…

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    Ocean Sunrise

    Catch a sunrise at Point Dume Nature Preserve's vantage in Malibu. Watch the sky and ocean's transformation from grey to pink.

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    Top of the Morning

    Secluded at 1,500 feet in the Santa Monica Mountains, Tuna Canyon Park in Malibu is quiet even on a gorgeous Saturday afternon, its stunning ocean views shared by few hikers. But visit at sunrise and the park feels truly wild: Rustling trees, singing birds, and scampering animals…

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    Echo Friendly

    Music, art, hills, and hipsters. Get in on the scene—and the scenery—with an urban hike in Echo Park. This casual stroll features the Clinton Street Stairway, a stately mural-cloaked set of concrete steps leading you from Glendale Avenue up to Belmont Avenue. The din of traffic…

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    Urban Gone Wild

    A cardio climb up a mountain. Check. Stunning views. Check. And located right in LA? How very chic! Urban hiking has a wild side and the proof is on Mount Washington just northeast of downtown LA. This 4-mile loop traverses Mount Washington and its up-and-coming neighborhood…

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    Hollywood High (and Long)

    Make 2015 the year you actually hike to the Hollywood Sign, that iconic LA landmark that every Angelino knows so well, yet few actually take the time to visit. There are a couple of routes to get to the sign, including this cardio-length 7-mile (round-trip) option that starts at…

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    Bear Necessity

    Some hiking secrets are a bear to keep! With nothing to mark the start of the Bear Divide Trail on the west side of the San Gabriel Mountains, few people know that this secluded trail leads toward a stellar 4,000-foot summit. The peak’s elusiveness may be because it was part of…

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    Downtown, Straight Up

    Explore downtown LA's architecturally spectacular area by foot. Take on the sidewalks of downtown’s Bunker Hill for a mile-and-a-half urban walk

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    Downtown, Straight Up

    Hike the sidewalks of downtown LA's Bunker Hill for a mile-and-a-half urban walk