All Stories from Los Angeles County

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    Trebek Open Space

    While most hikers head over to adjacent Runyon Canyon, instead do the 2-mile hike at Trebek Open Space and pay your respects to the legendary Jeopardy host and philanthropist, Alex Trebek.

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    Mural Walk Honoring Gianna and Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant is the undeniable King of LA. Pay tribute to the life of the sports icon, and his daughter Gianna, on a 2.4-mile memorial walk among eight beautiful murals honoring them.

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    Hill of a Good Hike!

    Ascot Hills Park in East LA is an 83-acre urban respite that's got a short loop hike with excellent vantages for watching the sun set behind LA’s downtown skyline, creating a fiery silhouette.

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    Wet Lands

    Got a need for mead? Before you wet your whistle at Honest Abe Cider House and Meadery, whistle while you walk through the Dominguez Gap Wetlands in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood of Long Beach.

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    Park it Here

    Do a 2.5-mile scenic hike from Point Fermin Park to Angels Gate Park in Los Angeles. It’s got big trees, big ocean views, and one big SoCal surprise. It's also got a food and beer bonus!

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    Grand Central Circuit

    Go on a 2.5-mile urban hike in Los Angeles that has it all: the beautiful Aoyama Tree, amazing murals, the Angels Flight funicular, and a stop at LA's vibrant food arcade, Grand Central Market.

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    Big Tree Park

    See the massive Moreton Bay fig and find plenty of historic and foodie treasures on this 3-mile urban adventure that includes a hidden wilderness area with panoramic views of the city of Glendora.

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    Branch Out for Redwoods

    Pines, birches, oaks, and … redwoods! Branch out to Arcadia’s Los Angeles County Arboretum for a simple 2.5-mile loop featuring surprise specimens (redwoods!) and local classics alike.

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    Ghoulish Gardens!

    This Halloween, find the "root" of all evils in the botanical world on a 2.5-mile self-guided tour through the Ghoulish Garden at the Los Angeles County Arboretum in Arcadia.

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    Heavenly Hike

    Getting lost in LA’s oldest park can be a totally viewtiful experience. Hike to Angel’s Point in Elysian Park for one of the best panoramas of the downtown skyline and Dodger Stadium.

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    Malibu-tiful Hike

    Hike, beach, seafood: the recipe for a Malibu-tiful day. Do a 2.5-mile loop through Corral Canyon Park, a stroll along Dan Blocker Beach, then grab food at Malibu Seafood Shack.

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    Malibu Hike, Canyon, Beach

    Get a highlight reel of the Malibu coastline on a 2.25-mile hike through Leo Carrillo State Park, featuring a canyon climb, Pacific panorama, and a beautiful beach.

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    Shakespeare Bridge + Secret Garden

    Romeo, Romeo, we all know how this goes, but do you know how to go to the Shakespeare Bridge and secret gardens? We’ve got the online do-it-yourself hiking route for you.

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    Summit Up!

    The 5.5-mile out-and-back adventure to Echo Mountain Lookout is not only an instant Angeles National Forest gem, but also one of the coolest treks in the entire lower half of the state.

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    Sneak a Peak!

    It's just a 3.5-mile round-trip hike to one of the most ultimate views in SoCal, San Gabriel Peak (6,146 feet). And it's even more beautiful towards the sunset hour.

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    Lake Hollywood Loop

    Make your next walk of fame in Tinsel Town a serene reservoir hike. This 3.5-mile loop around Lake Hollywood has some of the best views of the Hollywood Sign.

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    Griffith Park Classic

    The Fern Dell to Mount Hollywood hike in Griffith Park is a 5-mile instant classic lollipop loop with landmark locales and hidden havens, including the famous observatory, hidden gardens, and an amazing view of the Hollywood Sign.

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    LA Discovery Walk

    Wide-open spaces, hidden art, local cuisine, unique wildlife: Take a cultural walk through the San Gabriel Valley on a 3-mile park-to-park discovery route, then go get some delicious craft beers.

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    Goulden Hour

    The Golden State has a hike that’s pure Gould. That’s the name of the trail for this 2.5-mile out-and-back hike that descends more than 500 feet to a secluded valley with a primitive campground.

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    Cherry on Top

    The Ultimate Destination in LA County is easier to reach than you may think! Cherry Canyon Park has a 2.5-mile out-and-back hike with a vista point called, well, the Ultimate Destination.