All "Hikes" Stories in Northern CA

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    Sister Act

    Nine sisters makes a big family, and it’s even better when they’re all good looking! San Luis Obispo is surrounded by nine ancient volcanoes known as morros, and affectionately called the Nine Sisters. For one of the best views of this family portrait, go on a challenging 5-mile…

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    Spirit Ship

    At first glance, humble Mare Island in Vallejo might not seem like the type of place to take a walk. This old navy shipyard has dozens of unoccupied ghost-town-like buildings, and the drive to it feels almost ominous. But venture a little further and you’ll come to a revelation…

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    San Francisco has no shortage of outdoor art installations, but there’s one that rises above the rest. Spiking 90 feet skyward and located beside one of the Presidio’s most tranquil hiking spots, Andy Goldsworthy’s beloved “Spire” was built in nature, using nature. Goldsworthy…

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    When the Levee Breaks

    If you drive on Highway 37 between Sears Point and Vallejo you’ll notice a dramatic change: there’s water, water, everywhere! On January 6, the levee breached, intentionally, as part of an ongoing restoration project at Cullinan Ranch in the Napa River delta. For the first time…

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    Mill About by Foot or Bike

    Birds love our fantastic bay, especially in the winter. And so do people! One of the Bay Area’s most popular roadside attractions is Mill Valley’s Bothin Marsh and Bayfront Park. The area makes for easy afternoon walking, biking, bird-watching, and bay-gawking. From Tennessee…

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    Summit to Scrumptious

    Before saying hi to Rick & Ann, say hi to one of the best views in the East Bay. Hidden in the Berkeley and Oakland Hills, the 208-acre Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve rises to a sweeping bay vista. Hike up to it via the Stonewall-Panoramic Trail, which climbs steeply for…

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    Muirly Through the Woods

    Eggs, waffles, BLTs, mimosas, what could be better? How about pairing your brunch with a walk through 600-year-old redwood trees. Skip the crowds at Muir Woods’ main entrance and start up on Panoramic Highway by the Mountain Home Inn (your brunch spot). You’ll hike high on the…

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    Country Style Ramble

    Hungry? Head to the airport! No, seriously. Petaluma Municipal Airport’s popular Two Niner Diner is a breakfast institution. Hike to it on a 4.8-mile (round-trip) rolling-green-hills ramble. Grab your best wing-mates for a hike-in brunch at this tiny country airport, where a soft…

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    Gray Area

    Honking, quacking, whistling … we’re not talking about a raucous night in the city. We’re talking about an absolute bonanza of bird species when you visit Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, 50 miles north of Sacramento in the heart of the Pacific Flyway. Every winter more than a million…

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    Aye Aye Capitan

    It’s the world’s largest granite monolith: gray and hulking and a spectacle for visitors who marvel at its massiveness (3,000 vertical feet of sheer rock!) and at the pro climbers who conquer it. El Capitan has been in the headlines a lot recently since Tommy Caldwell and Kevin…

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    Bodega Booyah!

    Tiny Bodega Head in beautiful Bodega Bay has long lured visitors to its dramatic cliff-above-ocean setting and excellent vantages for spotting migrating gray whales. But visit on a winter day right before sunset and you’ll be treated to fewer crowds and a glorious technicolor…

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    Short Secret

    Some secrets you keep to yourself; others are worth sharing. It might be no secret that Mount Diablo offers some of the best views in the state, but the trails weaving around it? With so many choices it’s hard to know where to begin. This short and sweet hike is just under…