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    Solitary Bliss

    Visit D.L. Bliss State Park on the western shore of Lake Tahoe in the summer and it’s bustling with people. But if you visit in the winter, the entrance gate is closed and the only bustle you’ll hear is the wind through the sugar pines. Strap on snowshoes, hop the gate (it’s only…

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    You Have Olive Me

    Move over cheese: wine has a new best friend! Meet Olive, the diverse, multi-talented fruit that is the life of the party in Sonoma this winter. The 14th Annual Sonoma Valley Olive Season goes through February (one of the best times for escaping to real wine country). Many of the…

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    New Year's Resolution: Drink More Wine!

    This New Year let’s be realistic and strive for something really fun to do: Drink more wine! Make it happen in one easy step on one wonderful road: The Wine Road’s annual Winter WINEland weekend is coming in hot (January 17–18), so get your tickets now and benefit from an early…

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    Bodega Booyah!

    Tiny Bodega Head in beautiful Bodega Bay has long lured visitors to its dramatic cliff-above-ocean setting and excellent vantages for spotting migrating gray whales. But visit on a winter day right before sunset and you’ll be treated to fewer crowds and a glorious technicolor…

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    Hill Topper

    You know that phrase, it’s hiding right under your nose? Well, the tallest landmark in San Francisco, Sutro Tower, is a blinking beacon to one of the city’s least known urban parks. Twin Peaks! Just kidding. It’s tiny Kite Hill, hidden beneath Sutro Tower. This east-facing grassy…

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    Short Secret

    Some secrets you keep to yourself; others are worth sharing. It might be no secret that Mount Diablo offers some of the best views in the state, but the trails weaving around it? With so many choices it’s hard to know where to begin. This short and sweet hike is just under…