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    Highway of Waterfalls

    Something you’ll notice when driving in Southern Oregon: The highways are beautiful. And perhaps none more enchanting than the Highway of Waterfalls. One not to miss: Susan Creek Falls.

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    National Parks Road Trip: Circle of Discovery!

    Love national parks? Love road trips? Combine the two on one fabulous Circle of Discovery route in Northern California and Southern Oregon! This itinerary features 7 national parks with wondrous features.

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    Farm to Tent Cabins

    The hardest part of staying at Willow-Witt Ranch will be leaving. This sprawling 445-acre property in Southern Oregon is part organic farm, part campground, part wellness retreat, and wholly relaxing.

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    Gone Rogue!

    If one thing can make you feel like a kid at summer camp, it’s spending a day on the river, rafting, floating, cannonballing off cliffs—eureka! One of the best rivers in the West to float is the Rogue River.

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    Hot Springs With a View

    People love a good hot spring. And Umpqua Hot Springs in Southern Oregon is a marquee attraction. You're perched on a mineral deposit above the flowing beauty of the North Umpqua River.

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    Grizzly and Great Views

    You probably won’t see a grizzly bear on the hike up Grizzly Peak, but you will see locals on this 5.3-mile lollipop loop trail with panoramic mountain views and meadows of wildflowers.

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    Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the entire country and the seventh deepest in the world. For one of the very best perspectives of this shining blue beauty, hike up to Garfield Peak.

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    All Roads Lead to Rogue

    Idea for your next road trip: Go Rogue! The Rogue Valley in beautiful Southern Oregon has some of the state’s best hiking, swim holes, and wineries, and the charming historic towns of Ashland, Medford, and Jacksonville.

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    Road Trip Ahead: Oregon Outback

    Remote open spaces, camping under true Dark Skies, hiking and biking trails galore, wildlife refuges, and hot springs! Plan your road trip to the Oregon Outback this summer.

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    Believe It!

    A hidden speakeasy, loads of extraordinary murals and sculptures, and fabulous outdoor beer gardens … where? Reno! We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again: The biggest little city is quickly on the rise for its burgeoning art scene, artisan beer and food, and a beautiful…

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    Coming Up Roses

    Looking to spice up your hiking life? Give your partner a rose—Mount Rose! The 10-mile out-and-back peak hike goes up to one of the grandest views in all of Lake Tahoe. Get ready for a solid hiking day! The first few miles are a nice steady incline traversing sagebrush, lodgepole…

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    Brew Bike

    The Reno Brew Bike is a glory of human ingenuity in light of the city’s burgeoning craft brew scene: 6 to 10 people sit across from each other in a human-powered trolley, pedaling from pub to pub. Your itinerary is customized to what you want to drink and where you want to roll…

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    Winter Waterfall!

    No need to wait for spring to see one of Bend’s most brilliant waterfalls. Tumalo Falls in Deschutes National Forest is wondrous in winter, when the main access road is closed to cars. It’s 2.5 miles (one-way) to this 97-foot stunner. The road’s mostly flat. Walk it, snowshoe it…

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    Starry Sky Snowshoe & Bonfire

    Snowshoeing at night is a surreal and magical experience. Headlamps weaving through a forest wonderland and snowshoes kicking up the soft powdery snow underfoot. Your destination? A hand-carved amphitheater with a bonfire set in the middle. You all starry-eyed yet? You will be…

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    One Amazing Bachelor

    This handsome bachelor has a rose for everybody. Bend’s Mt. Bachelor is Central Oregon’s volcanic beacon for adventure. As the fifth largest ski resort in North America, it has runs for all levels … long, glorious stretches for skiers and boarders. Unlike some other mega resorts…

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    Dam Good Canoe Adventure

    Bring your swimsuit to Vegas—but not for the pools. A self-guided canoe trip down the Black Canyon portion of the Colorado River is way better than renting a cabana by the pool. This day-trip is just 45 minutes from the Strip and gets you into some amazing solitude that’s the…

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    Great Is an Understatement!

    We thought Canadians were modest—but it might be Nevadans. Great Basin National Park is wayyy more than “great.” It’s stunning, spectacular, and uncrowded! Tucked against the Utah border in eastern Nevada, Great Basin is a hiking wonderland of 13,000-foot peaks, ancient forests…

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    Slot Canyon Cathedral

    Ready to play the slots? We’re not talking the casino kind. We mean exploring the only slot canyons found in Nevada! Located right off Great Basin Highway (aka Highway 93), Cathedral Gorge State Park is wondrous in more ways than one. This quiet state park is a maze of carved out…

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    Glide to the Hut

    Oregonians are very proud of their snow parks, for good reason! Well-maintained open spaces are much more than a place to sled; they’re fast tracks of cross-country and snowshoe trails through lodgepole forests to beautiful views of the Cascades. And the bonus? Taking a load off…

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    Middle of Snowhere

    Tell a Bend local that you went snow hiking in the Badlands and chances are they’ll give you a raised eyebrow and an Ohhh?! look. That’s because this vast high-desert landscape is as epic and mythical as it sounds. Oregon Badlands Wilderness is not your normal winter destination…