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    Viking Hiking (and Mead)

    Go on a secret gems hike at Buena Vista Park, including a hidden wetland with ferocious beasts (okay, it’s a pond with cute ducks!). Afterwards, reward yourself at Twisted Horn Mead and Cider.

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    Pitch Perfect Parks

    Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the … sub the peanuts and cracker jacks for some tacos and craft beer on this 3.75-mile bay park to art park to ballpark urban jaunt in San Diego.

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    Colorado Meets Pasadena

    Connect a neoclassical-inspired bridge with a bridge listed on the National Register of Historic Places on this hike in Pasadena via the Arroyo Seco Trail.

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    Suspension Bridge Surprise

    This urban hike in San Diego connects two gardens by way of two spectacular bridges, including the awesome Spruce Street Suspension Bridge built in 1912.

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    New Trail Alert

    Check out the vastly improved trail at the Edward and Frances Hunter Arboretum on Palomar College’s San Marcos campus.

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    Fill Up on Fallbrook

    This small town in northern San Diego County has more than 10 nature preserves. Explore two less-visited hiking havens: Hellers Bend and Dinwiddie Preserve

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    Planet of the Oaks

    Let us count the number of oak tree species in the Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve near Julian: coast, scrub, canyon, black, and Engelmann. Five! The preserve’s Five Oaks Trail is a 3.2-mile hike that boasts all five.

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    Stone Cold Escondido

    Escondido is Spanish for “hidden,” but its adventurous ales and tasty trails are right out in the open. It’s home to the not-so-secret Stone Brewing and a hike that’s just a stone’s throw away.

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    I'll Have a Double!

    Get the best view and best brew of “San Parkos” on a 4.5-mile out-and-back summit trek to Double Peak Park, which looms above North County, followed by a tasting flight at Double Peak Brewery.

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    Beach to Brew Times 2

    Nothing represents North County San Diego better than a walk on the beach and a stop at a local brewery—or two.

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    Murals of La Jolla

    You need a map and sense of adventure for this fun journey through the lovely town of La Jolla. The “Murals of La Jolla” project began in 2010 as part of SoCal’s commitment to public art, and you can explore 15 unique murals—some hidden, others in plain sight. Start by parking…

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    Kayak the Clam Cave

    Kayaking the seven sea caves in La Jolla Shores is a blast, if you can make it past the “guards”—that is, a bunch of playful sea lions! The helpful guides at Hike Bike Kayak Adventure Tours will handle all the details so all you have to worry about is having fun. They stow your…

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    Laguna Campground

    Star travelers can find dark skies and solitude for stargazing only an hour away from downtown San Diego at Laguna Campground in the Cleveland National Forest. Go on a weeknight to enjoy solitary communion with the stars, or pitch your tent over the weekend to become a part of an…

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    High Tide in the Old Town

    High tide or low tide, Mom will always be by your side. This Mother’s Day, show her love as wide as the ocean with a walk alongside it. Feel the sand between your toes, search for birds at two lagoons, and explore a charming waterfront village on a 3.5-mile trek in Carlsbad. Park…

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    A sunset stroll, a beachside bike ride, a frolic with Fido, or a picnic in the park—whatever mission you choose to accept is waiting for you at Mission Bay. The bay per se is the lagoon aspect of the largest man-made aquatic park in the country, which you can explore on a 6.…

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    Sester-Centennial Peregrination

    This year, 2019, marks 250 years since the founding of San Diego—an anniversary some call a sestercentennial. By any name, it’s a great excuse for exploring the history, culture, and spectacular views of America’s finest city on a 2-mile trek through time. Park at the Junipero…

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    A Lot o’ Tecolote

    “Tecolote” is the Spanish word for owl, perhaps suggesting that you would be wise to visit Tecolote Canyon, a secluded nature preserve near Mission Bay. The best way to enjoy it is via a 3.25-mile (round-trip) out-and-back hike—truly a hidden hoot! Park at the Nature Center and…

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    San Diego's Rio Camino

    America’s finest city—and America’s finest hikers—have a mighty fine river to be proud of! The 52-mile San Diego River serves the city by supplying its reservoirs, and its hikers, through a developing network of trails. As the San Diego River Park Foundation works toward…

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    Sunny Side Down

    Sunny Jim Cave is anything but sunny. It’s what you want in a cave—cool and dark—and it has a nifty literary connection. It’s also the only sea cave in La Jolla that can be accessed by land. The entrance is the back door of The Cave Store, a California Historical Landmark. Behind…

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    Heavenly Hellhole

    Rounding up some friends to go to a hellhole? Maybe it doesn’t sound appealing, unless you’re talking about Hellhole Canyon County Preserve. Its 1,907 hilly acres are home to a strenuous 4.9-mile trek with 750 feet of gain (and opportunities to extend for those who want to test…