All "Bike Rides" Stories in Southern CA

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    All Roads Lead to Rogue

    Idea for your next road trip: Go Rogue! The Rogue Valley in beautiful Southern Oregon has some of the state’s best hiking, swim holes, and wineries, and the charming historic towns of Ashland, Medford, and Jacksonville.

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    Road Trip Ahead: Oregon Outback

    Remote open spaces, camping under true Dark Skies, hiking and biking trails galore, wildlife refuges, and hot springs! Plan your road trip to the Oregon Outback this summer.

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    Biking With the Back Bay Birds

    Biking the 10-mile Newport Beach Back Bay Loop Trail is a great way to see the quiet side of Newport Beach—the side that isn’t beach. Instead you’ll ride through 1,000 acres of coastal wetlands known as the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and Ecological Reserve. Along the way…

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    Biking Along Long Beach

    The Long Beach Shoreline Bike Path is the quintessential SoCal oceanfront path—cool breezes, sandy beaches, swaying palms trees, beautiful boats. The 7.5-mile (round-trip) out-and-back bike path runs along the entirety of Long Beach’s narrow stretch of shoreline known locally as…

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    Riding Riverside’s Riverside

    Yes, Riverside has a river, and bicycling the Santa Ana River Trail from Fairmount Park to the Van Buren Bridge and back (a 12.8-mile round-trip) is a great way to see it. Well, you’ll see it occasionally, anyway. This well-trafficked bike route quickly links to Riverside’s more…

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    Electric Company

    With a paved bike trail between the Pacific Ocean and Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, Huntington Beach is a cruising paradise. Its namesake bike trail runs along the edge of the beach and through grassy hills and palm tree–lined beach bluffs. Ready to pedal? Try adding a little…

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    Valley Rock 'n' Roll

    Imagine if there was a bike-friendly paved trail that circled Yosemite Valley’s floor, hitting all the highlights … well, in fact, there is! Rent your wheels and grab a map from the Yosemite Valley Lodge or Half Dome Village and forget about the buses. Just be ready to stretch…

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    Wheeling the Queen's Avenue

    It’s easy to picture bicyclists on the Victoria Avenue bike path in Riverside riding high-wheelers and sporting knickers or bustle skirts. After all, the path follows a scenic parkway built in 1892 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This easy ride passes…

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    Switchbacks and Sweeping Views

    A fierce workout and killer coastal views—that’s the fabled Rancho Palos Verdes Donut Loop. One of the best road rides in SoCal, this 24-miler is named for its shape—a loop—and not, alas, for any actual donuts along the way. You can begin anywhere and ride in either direction…

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    Rolling on the River

    The San Gabriel River Trail is just as varied as the amazing metropolis it passes through in the course of 35 traffic-free miles between Seal Beach and Azusa, following the path of the San Gabriel River. Starting from the west, the first 27 miles are mostly paved and easy enough…

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    Boomburb Brew

    Well away from the LA hustle, the boomburb of Santa Clarita has nearly 80 miles of public trails ripe for exploring, including this 6-mile out-and-back along the Santa Clara River, featuring a midtrip coffee break. Park at the Iron Horse Trailhead and start on the Santa Clara…

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    Cascade Roll

    Easy does it for this leaf-peeping, reservoir bike ride along the Cascade Trail near Nevada City. The 9-mile out-and-back pedal along the Cascade Canal Trail hugs the water’s edge, flanked by autumn-imbued golden big-leaf maple, native dogwood, and towering fir. The trail widens…

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    Brew Bike

    The Reno Brew Bike is a glory of human ingenuity in light of the city’s burgeoning craft brew scene: 6 to 10 people sit across from each other in a human-powered trolley, pedaling from pub to pub. Your itinerary is customized to what you want to drink and where you want to roll…

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    West's Best Bike Ride

    It’s the crown jewel of biking trails, wending its way through wildflowers and by the banks of the rippling Sacramento River, with stunning mountain views along the way. You’ll also cross over one of the most famous pedestrian-only bridges on the planet (its sister bridges are in…

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    All the Ride Stuff

    Car-free, paved, picnic-friendly, and paralleling the river, the American River Parkway–Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail is the perfect place for exploring on two wheels. The multi-use trail stretches 32 miles from Sacramento to Folsom, hugging the river most of the way and offering…

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    Playa Del Hooray!

    All 22 miles of the coastal Marvin Braude Bike Trail are wonderful, but the 6.3-mile (one-way) stretch between Playa Del Rey and the Manhattan Beach Pier is for cyclists who like wide-open sailing more than a crowded boardwalk scene—a great stretch for a fast spin, or to get the…

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    Westridge Lollipop

    This is why we mountain bike! A bit of challenge, stupendous views (mountain and ocean), and some Cold War history are a few of the highlights on this ride in the Santa Monica Mountains. Along the way, you get a long steady climb, some quick descents, and a couple of high-heart…

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    Almost Easy

    Yes, it’s almost easy! That’s the beauty of Sullivan Canyon, that rare mountain bike ride in the Santa Monicas that doesn’t blast right up steep slopes. For the first 3 miles, you’re so enchanted by the huge oaks and sycamores that drape across and shade the trail, you barely…

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    Ride Open Spaces

    This five-mile fat-tire cruise in the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve is what mountain bikers call a middle-chainring ride—no extremes, nothing technical, but rather a gentle climb into the Simi Hills and a gentle descent on the return through an oak-studded…

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    Seaside Cycle and Sip

    Celebrate Mom with an easy Santa Barbara bike ride and all the trimmings—which include gorgeous beach scenery and samples of local vintages. Hop on the Cabrillo Bike Path at Stearns Wharf for a flat 4.4-mile (round-trip) oceanfront journey. As you start pedaling toward the harbor…