All "Hikes" Stories in Southern CA

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    Hot Dams!

    Hot dam! Head to Santiago Oaks Regional Park for the best dam hike in Orange County. This 3.5-mile loop goes through riparian and chaparral environments with mountain vistas and two impressive dams.

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    Santa Year Round

    Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale is an 836-acre county park with a namesake dam. Explore highlights on a 4-mile loop featuring a lake, a beach, and beautiful mountain vistas.

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    Ready When You Are: Reno Tahoe

    With outdoors being essential for health and wellness, and new protocols in place, Reno Tahoe welcomes visitors! It's wide open with snowshoe trails, fire pits by the river, skating, and hot springs.

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    La Mesa Secret Stairs

    Step up to 2021 on a secret stairway hike in San Diego’s east county. Head to La Mesa for a 1.4-mile (lollipop loop) historical urban adventure with secret stairs, postcard panoramas, and bonus brews!

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    Kwaay Paay All the Way

    Kwaay Paay peak seems modest as the fourth tallest of five in Mission Trails Regional Park, but don’t underrate this gem. Its panoramic views are among the best in San Diego on this 2.5-mile loop.

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    Twice As Nice

    The best hidden peak in San Diego is actually two peaks! Twin Peaks in Poway sit at 1,309 and 1,251 feet, respectively. Bag both on a 2-mile loop that rewards with classic views and solitude.

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    With a name like Sunset Peak, expectations are high—as in 5,796 feet high and 1,272 feet in elevation gain—with thrilling views on this summit hike near Mount Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains.

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    Lukens Good, LA!

    A 5,074-foot mountain in the city? It’s not part of a movie set—it’s Mount Lukens in LA! And you can conquer its peak on a 10-mile (round-trip) hike starting from the Deukmejian Wilderness Park.

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    Briar Blockbuster

    Get a fresh perspective on Hollywood and awesome views while avoiding the crowds. Briar Summit Preserve has a short and sweet 1-mile, 250-foot climb and distinct 360-degree views across LA.

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    Don't Overlook This Overlook!

    Head to the Nancy Hoover Pohl Overlook in Hollywood and hike Fryman Canyon for 1.5 miles, with just under 400 feet of elevation gain, and some of the very best views of the San Fernando Valley.

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    Not Your Garden Variety View

    This vista comes with botanical beauty. In LA's Griffith Park, enjoy fantastic florals by climbing 300 feet over a 1-mile out-and-back hike that's viewtiful. Enter Amir’s Garden!

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    This Walk Rocks

    Go on a 2.5-mile out-and-back hike along the San Diego River and find the colorful “Covid-19 Rock Snake” a project encouraging people to spread joy and kindness by adding to the chain of artful rocks.

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    Rock and Roll Hike

    Ready to rock and roll? Honor the late, great Eddie Van Halen with a visit to his old stomping grounds in Pasadena and a nearby 2-mile hike with electric views and acoustic canyons.

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    Trebek Open Space

    While most hikers head over to adjacent Runyon Canyon, instead do the 2-mile hike at Trebek Open Space and pay your respects to the legendary Jeopardy host and philanthropist, Alex Trebek.

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    Mural Walk Honoring Gianna and Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant is the undeniable King of LA. Pay tribute to the life of the sports icon, and his daughter Gianna, on a 2.4-mile memorial walk among eight beautiful murals honoring them.

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    Holy Cowles!

    Enjoy late day-sun vistas on a 3-mile (round-trip) hike to the summit of Cowles Mountain in Mission Trails Regional Park. Located in San Diego, this summit is the city’s tallest at 1,593 feet.

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    Hill of a Good Hike!

    Ascot Hills Park in East LA is an 83-acre urban respite that's got a short loop hike with excellent vantages for watching the sun set behind LA’s downtown skyline, creating a fiery silhouette.

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    La Palma Your Hand

    Hike a hidden spot and then sweeten the pot in northern Orange County! Discover an inconspicuous 2.5-mile lakebed park loop and a meadery (brewery too) along the ever-growing La Palma Beer Trail.

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    Viking Hiking (and Mead)

    Go on a secret gems hike at Buena Vista Park, including a hidden wetland with ferocious beasts (okay, it’s a pond with cute ducks!). Afterwards, reward yourself at Twisted Horn Mead and Cider.

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    Wet Lands

    Got a need for mead? Before you wet your whistle at Honest Abe Cider House and Meadery, whistle while you walk through the Dominguez Gap Wetlands in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood of Long Beach.