Be Here: Berkeley

Ready for a getaway that’s not too far away? Be a little Berkeley! This young and active town has hills for hiking, trails for biking, and wonderful gardens (botanical and beer!).

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1) Tilden Ta-dah

Some hikes are like finding the entrance to Narnia. Enter a magical landscape via Laurel Canyon Trailhead in Tilden Regional Park. It heralds the start of a magnificent 3.5-mile (round-trip) journey filled with redwood forest, a lush peace grove, and spectacular views of the bay.

2) Peaks & Pints

After an afternoon hike to Wildcat Peak at Tilden Regional Park, tend to your thirst at one of Berkeley’s local craft brew pubs or wineries. Berkeley’s beer scene has been something of a phenomenon over the years—from Jupiter’s 12 flagship beers and small-batch rotations to the Rare Barrel’s famous sours and the award-winning saisons at Gilman Brewing … Find a brewpub that fits your tastebuds. Or taste the flavors of Berkeley at a local winery tasting room or wine bar. Craft beer bounty, urban wine abundance!

3) Redwoods & Blooms

The Botanic Gardens at both Tilden Regional Park and UC Berkeley are  anything but garden variety, with thousands of native species blooming year round, plants from almost every continent, and acres of meandering paths. Be sure to visit Tilden’s show-stopping redwood grove; take a seat on this grove’s most secluded bench and you’ll confuse it with Muir Woods.

4) Tour de Culinary: Food Counterculture

Fast and casual, or slow and romantic … what’s your dining style? Berkeley has more than 350 restaurants and eateries, including a burgeoning vegetarian and vegan scene. Check out Berkeley’s new Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan, see the Local Libations recommendations, and get online to see the Berkeley Food Lovers Guide.

5) Cal Secret Spots

UC Berkeley’s campus may seem like an open book, but it’s actually home to a bunch of spots that are off the beaten path, even for students! Test your treasure hunting skills with the “Cal Secret Spots” guide and find up to 22 hidden or less-known gems at Cal—including several located outdoors.

Berkeley's Hidden Gems


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