Howl of a Good Hike

Normally you wouldn’t start a hike at dusk. But a late start is part of howling good time…

My Weekend Sherpa:

Want to do it Did it


Normally you wouldn’t start a hike at dusk. But a late start is part of howling good time on a moonlight hike with TreePeople. Dedicated to urban forestation and conservation in LA, this nonprofit organization brings people and trees together on a night journey through the ridgetop woodlands in the mountains straddling Beverly Hills and Century City.

Savor the evening on an hour-long hike that goes into the night, and nature. Tours are the third Friday of every month. The next one is scheduled for tomorrow night (Friday, January 18). As sunlight fades, street lights illuminate the city below, creating a view across the San Fernando Valley that looks like 20th Century Fox’s nightscape logo.

When the sky turns black, double back over a ridge and watch the glowing moon cast faint hues over the dark mountains, shadowy trees rustling as the lights of urban life disappear below. Like barking at the moon? You’re in good company. Join in on a celebratory group howl at the top of the ridge. Altogether now: Owooooo… !

TREE’S COMPANY: Support a good cause in 2019. We need trees, trees need us! Wildfires, drought, intense heat, and massive flooding all mean that our urban centers and surrounding areas need help. Here’s how to become a Tree Person.

The next full moon hike is tomorrow (Friday, January 18, 2019). Weather permitting (check ahead).  It’s $5 for non-members (no cost for members). While walk-ins are occasionally accepted, it’s way better to sign up for a moonlight hike. Hikes begin at 7:30 p.m. at TreePeople’s headquarters located in Coldwater Canyon Park, 12601 Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills, 90210. 


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