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Stone House Camp is just a hop, skip, and a jump outside of Scotland (not the one you’re…

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Stone House Camp is just a hop, skip, and a jump outside of Scotland (not the one you’re thinking)! This small California campground is hidden in the vast mountainsides of the San Gabriels along the middle fork of Lytle Creek.

Go on a little adventure with big valley views, creekside relaxation, and shaded campsites—all within a 1.8-mile out-and-back  hike.

Start at the Middle Fork trailhead and immediately you’re rewarded with spin-around views of the mountains and the valley. The views stay with you most of the hike to Stone House Camp.

Gradually ascend more than 400 feet in just over half a mile before coming to a fork marked by a sign.

Head left to follow the arrow that points to Stone House Camp. The trail dips down to the valley floor and the middle fork of Lytle Creek, flowing strong from all the snow melt from Timber Mountain and Bighorn Peak above.

Follow the creek until you see an opportunity to cross into the canopy of canyon live oaks and Jeffrey pines on the left side. When you spot the stones laid in circles and marking paths, you’ll know you’ve arrived at the campground. Keep going until you come across a small waterfall, which serves as a good turning back point.

From the I-15 north of Fontana take the Sierra Ave. exit and head north toward the mountains. Sierra Ave. will turn into Lytle Creek Rd. After 6.5 miles turn left onto Middle Fork Rd., which ends at Middle Fork Trailhead. 


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