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A bike ride with birds, burgers, brews, and views: Eureka! Urban's gone green in the city of Hawthorne…

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A bike ride with birds, burgers, brews, and views: Eureka! Urban’s gone green in the city of Hawthorne thanks to the Dominguez Enhancement and Engagement Project (D.E.E.P). It includes the newly paved Laguna Dominguez Bike Trail, a 2.8-mile stretch tracing the Dominguez Channel. Start your ride at Alondra Park, where a thriving population of ducks and wild geese greet you as you pedal by the lake. Heading north, the secluded bike path is lined with an abundance of aromatic and native plant life like deer grass, Mexican elderberry, and dwarf coyote brush. You’ll know you’ve almost hit the midpoint when another type of bird starts flying overhead; small airplanes swoop in from above to land at Hawthorne Municipal Airport. Although the last quarter-mile stretch of trail hasn’t yet been revitalized, if you stick with it, you will be rewarded with, well, Eureka! at the airport: The Eureka Tasting Kitchen serves all kinds of locally sourced fare, including all-natural beef burgers and ultra-premium craft beers (along with artisanal whiskey and fancy cocktails) in a cozy diner located almost smack dab on the runway. Sit back and watch through the huge picture window as Cessnas land mere yards ahead of you. When you’ve had your fill, head back the way you came for the second half of your ride. Wheel the love!

The 2.8-mile Laguna Dominguez Bike Trail starts at Alondra Community Regional Park and runs north along the Dominguez Channel, ending at W. 120th St. The bike trail is dog-friendly!



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