Swimming Holes and Natural Waterslides!

Summer, swimming holes, natural waterslides: Good things happen in threes! Lucky for us, Redding, California, is a basecamp for watery riches. Hike into a canyon to a rock waterslide or find swimming holes next to waterfalls! Here’s your mini-guide to the “coolest” adventures near Redding.

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Little Backbone Creek

Little Backbone Creek is known as nature’s waterpark for good reason. It’s a 20-minute hike up a creek in a canyon, passing boulders and ponds before arriving to the marquee attraction: a smooth rock waterfall that plunges you into the creek.

Potem Falls

Potem Falls is tucked in a deep canyon, with trail access. Swim in the pool at the base of the falls. Bonus: There’s a rope swing!

McCloud River Falls

McCloud River Falls is one of the region’s best waterfall hikes, a three-tier thriller. But the best thrill in summer is the lowest tier, where a 12-foot-wide waterfall flows into a large swimming hole surrounded by boulders for sunbathing.

BONUS: Take your water thrills to new heights with a Jetovator, a watercraft that launches you high into the sky over Lake Shasta! Give it a try. Don’t forget the waterproof camera!

NEW: Non-stop flights to Redding from San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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