Reno Tahoe's Top 8 Bike Rides

One of the best ways to really experience a destination is from the seat of your bike. It’s even better when it’s in the Sierra Nevada!

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1) Tahoe Classic

At 168 miles all in, the Tahoe Rim Trail is the granddaddy of all trails. But don’t worry, it can easily be broken up into small sections. From alpine vistas to shaded trails through the pines and of course Lake Tahoe views galore, find the right section for you!

2) Keep on Truckee

Cycle for 12 beautiful car-free miles on the Truckee River Bike Path. With the river by your side, you’ll enjoy plenty of spots to watch wildlife and take photos before cruising into downtown Reno for a bite to eat.

3) Picnic Perfect

You like your ride simple and scenic? Those who just want a nice casual roll will love the 3-mile (round-trip) Picnic Rock Vista ride on the north shore. The best part of the scenery: Lake Tahoe!

4) Wildflowers and Waterfalls

More fun than anything at a theme park, the 6.4-mile McCloud Falls ride goes through fields of wildflowers, with just enough uphill challenges to keep things interesting, and—bonus—a 30-foot waterfall!

5) Work for Your Bacon!

Halo-Crispy Bacon Loop is a delicious mix of fun climbs, technical obstacles, hairpin turns, switchbacks, and rolling cross-country, perfect for bikers who like a challenge and appreciate dramatic landscape. This trail is located only minutes from downtown Reno and offers something for everyone.


6) Good Pond-erings

Dry Pond Loop is a sweet singletrack loop in south Reno that climbs through a forest with a reward at the top: amazing views of Washoe Lake and the Mount Rose Wilderness. While the pedal up is challenging, the fun downhill makes it worth the effort!

7) Peavine’s Payoff

Quickly becoming the go-to destination for mountain biking, Peavine Mountain defines riding in the great wide open with its high desert landscape at the foot of the Sierra Nevada.

8) Flume Fanfare

Skirting high above the east shore, Lake Tahoe’s famed Flume Trail is one of the most scenic trails in the West—a 13-mile intermediate high mountain traverse with amazing views of that big blue lake.

Bonus: Interbike

Be sure to check out Interbike 2018 this fall in Reno: as the largest gathering of the bike industry in North America, you can demo the latest bikes and techcnology for their Outdoor Demo at Northstar.

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