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When TripAdvisor rates you Mariposa’s #1 attraction, and your tagline is Get Your Zip On, there’s a lot…

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When TripAdvisor rates you Mariposa’s #1 attraction, and your tagline is Get Your Zip On, there’s a lot to live up to. And Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch delivers! Created, owned, and operated by husband-and-wife team Bryan and Victoria Imrie, this 6-stage guided zip tour in the heart of Mariposa’s rolling foothills offers thrills, from sweeping scenery to an adrenaline-pumping 1,000-foot-long zipline.

Friendly pro guides get you geared up before four-wheeling you to the top of the ranch hills overlooking wildflower-filled fields and hills unfurling all the way out to the snowcapped Sierra. Time to zip!

Up first is an easy line to get you comfortable before moving on to the exhilarating stuff—catching air and racing others down tandem lines, all the while flying over treetops with gorgeous Yosemite Mariposa as your backdrop. Try to win a locally made t-shirt prize by nailing the beanbag “bull’s eye” on one of the zips (soaring high and fast over the beanbag target, you’ve gotta have precise timing, good aim, and some luck!).

The adventure includes four-wheeling up to “Cowboy Camp” a high point overlooking the town of Mariposa. Take some photos as your guide tells a few interesting stories about Mariposa’s colorful past—including brothels, opium dens, and general boomtown shenanigans, followed by post-gold-rush times, which today include craft brew pubs and lively music and outdoor patio scenes. Afterwards, it’s on to the screaming good fun of The Motherlode: nearly 1,000 feet of zipline over a ravine, with peek-a-boo views of the Sierra foothills. Go ahead, showboat!

BONUS STAY: Just an hour from the entrance to Yosemite Valley, Mariposa makes a delightful and economically appealing place to stay. Friendly, lively, and artisan are good descriptors if you book a cabin, hotel, or B&B here. Food and drink options abound, from pizza and milkshakes to Cajun and farm-to-table, with a burgeoning brew pub scene for a good old-fashioned burger and IPA. Check out Mariposa County’s website for lodging info.

Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch is located at 4808 Hwy. 140, Mariposa, CA. Book online or call (209) 742-4844. 


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