Spring It On!

Need an excuse to cut out of work early and call it a weekend? Say you’ve got a fever … spring fever! Here are a few hikes and bike rides that are at their prime, giving you a reason to spring into the weekend!

My Weekend Sherpa:

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1) From Peak to Beach

Morning on the mountain, afternoon at the beach, and in between both: banner ocean views. It’s all within 3 miles’ reach on the Peninsula when you get an early start at Montara State Beach. From the parking lot, beeline for…

2) Planet Picnic

So, you wanna give your love the sun, the moon, the stars … okay. But to turn it up to 11 you’re gonna have to give the planets too! Good thing there’s a state park hike for that. And it…

3) It's Flowing, So Get Going!

Going with the flow has never been better on the Merced River in Yosemite Mariposa County. Winter’s snowpack has the wild and scenic Merced River in top form. So, water you waiting for?

Yosemite River Adventures!

4) Bike to Beers (& Bites)

Ride your bike on a car-free trail and take a break at an alehouse ... yes, please! Backed by looming Mount Diablo, the East Bay’s Contra Costa Canal Trail is an easygoing 23-mile (all-in) trail following its namesake canal, passing…

5) To Do: Tilden for Wildflowers!

Ingredients for a lush and lovely hike in Berkeley’s backyard: Just add water. And wildflowers! It all comes together in Tilden Regional Park. Hike in a landscape of greenery and wildflower scenery on a quick 2.5-mile loop. Begin hiking on…

6) Valley Rock 'n' Roll

Imagine if there was a bike-friendly paved trail that circled Yosemite Valley’s floor, hitting all the highlights … well, in fact, there is! Rent your wheels and grab a map from the Yosemite Valley Lodge or Half Dome Village and…

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