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    Stairway to Stonewall

    The Cuyamaca Mountains east of San Diego are well known as a wildlife haven, and outdoor enthusiasts know it. So how do you escape the crowds? Adventure up! To 5,737-foot Stonewall Peak. This 4-mile (round-trip) hike leads to a brilliant panorama. The trailhead is accessed from…

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    Border Birds

    Head wayyy south—to the Tijuana River Estuary in Border Field State Park, a sprawling, primarily wetland habitat that’s home to some of San Diego’s rarest wildlife. Several miles of trails offer great hiking, biking, and horseback riding routes through riparian habitat. For the…

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    Palomar's Star Power

    Palomar Mountain State Park in northern San Diego is like having a friend in a high place. There are perks to be had! The 6,138-foot namesake mountain offers cooler climates during the hot summer, and a way-up-there campground brings you even closer to the stars—and closer to one…

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    Julian's Star Treatment

    Want the full celestial experience where you can spend the night or just drop in for an experience that’ll have you all starry-eyed? There’s a cozy B&B for that. Nestled under the straggly pines and scrubby oaks of Julian, the 4.5-acre Observer’s Inn is a bed-and-breakfast…

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    Sycamore's Star Parties

    Sunset hikes are beautiful, but they shine naturally brighter when paired with stargazing afterwards. Make it happen in Sycamore Canyon, which hosts a Star Party every other month on the third Friday. The next one is August 21. Nestled between the rush of San Diego’s Interstate…

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    Volcan Victory

    Some days you’ve just got to head for the hills. Just an hour east of San Diego, Julian is a popular apple pie hub, yet few people venture beyond to nearby Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve at Wynola. They’re missing out on a hiker’s haven. It’s 5 miles (round-trip) to Volcan’s…

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    The Frequent Flyer's Mountain

    If you’ve ever landed at the San Diego International Airport, you’ve likely circled around San Miguel Mountain before touching down. At 2,559 feet, San Miguel isn’t a prominent mountain, but hiking it is a good challenge. The 5-mile round-trip journey is steep all the way until…

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    Palomar's Other Side

    Palomar Mountain in Northern San Diego County is a popular location for cyclists, thanks to its steep, hairpin road that twists and turns to the observatory up top. But there’s a road less traveled on the back side of this mountain range and it leads to beautiful Barker Valley…