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    Heart of the Matter

    With very few tourists in town, San Francisco’s Presidio gets to bask mostly in local love. Do the classic Heart of the Park hike, which includes the historic and poignant National Cemetery Overlook.

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    Watershed Moment

    The Presidio in San Francisco offers some of the best urban hiking in the country! And the new marsh bridges under Presidio Parkway offer more habitat for plants, fish, and bird life … and trails for us!

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    Sutro Noir

    San Francisco’s Sutro Baths take on a novel mystique under a full moon, especially if the fog rolls in. Hike among these famous ruins, said to be one of San Francisco’s most ghostly places.

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    Hidden Stairways of SF: Urban Hike

    This guided hike sold out fast, but new dates have been added! Get outdoors and explore the hidden stairways and gardens of San Francisco anew. Small group and socially distanced.

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    Bernal Desire

    It's one of the best views in San Francisco. Bernal Heights Park is an underrated hilltop park that simply beams at sunset, with views of downtown SF, the Golden Gate, and the Bay Bridge.

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    Storied SF Adventure

    Step outside and into a storybook adventure that also includes majestic horses, West Bluff Beach waves, and iconic San Francisco views.

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    Rock and Roll Golden Gate

    Golden Gate Park has closed part of JFK Drive to cars, so walkers, bike riders, and roller skaters can have some fun outdoors. Here are some highlights for when you visit.

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    Marshall's in Town!

    Everyone has a favorite view of the Golden Gate Bridge. And ours? With respect to all the great options, we’ve got to say it’s from San Francisco’s Marshall’s Beach.

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    From Beer to Buena Vista

    What’s brewing? How about some tasty German beers and some famous Irish Coffee! Get into the holiday spirit(s) with a classic leisurely stroll connecting the modern Radhaus Bavarian biergarten in Fort Mason with the classic Buena Vista Café near Fisherman’s Wharf.

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    Hello, Kitty Kat

    One of the best ways to enjoy the bay in fall is to actually get out on the water, where clear days bring clear views of the Golden Gate and a few big surprises. Book yourself onboard Captain Joe’s 65-foot catamaran, “Kitty Kat” for a smorgasbord of sightseeing and sea life. Yep, you’re on a boat!

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    Kirby Appeal

    Still haven't cycled over the Golden Gate Bridge yet? We have a twist on this classic tourist outing. It's very simple. Instead of crossing over the bridge and veering right to head down to Sausalito with the Bike and Roll crowd, turn left and go up Conzelman Road toward Hawk Hill. You can do this as a hike, too.

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    Force of Nature

    Finally, “pardon our dust” has turned into “enjoy our park!” San Francisco’s Salesforce Park in SOMA is a beautiful urban escape surrounded by skyscrapers. What do you wanna do? Because this four blocks of wonderment has some really cool stuff! You can lounge at a café table or…

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    San Francisco Nights

    Date night in the city: Don’t end it with “Your place or mine?” Try camping at one of six bayside campsites at Candlestick Point State Recreation Area. Opened in 2018, the sites are located on Sunrise Point, aptly named for being one of the first locations to get beams of the…

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    The Ghost & the Fairy

    It’s hard to resist paddling the tranquil waters of Golden Gate Park’s Stow Lake … home to ducks, geese, gulls, turtles, tourists, and—according to legend—a ghost! Urban myth or not, the story is a bit of a sad one. During the 1800s a woman sat down at a bench along the lake, and…

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    Whale Season

    With the Bay Area’s clear autumn days, now’s a good time to spy whales in the ocean. But seeing one on the green grasses of San Francisco’s Crissy Field? Well, that’s a big deal! The whale’s not real, but its message is: Plastic waste in the ocean is a massive problem. Every nine…

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    San Francisco on a Roll

    The new San Francisco treat? Small batch craft beer! And the place to find it? Ghirardelli Square. San Francisco Brewing Co. is all about beers that are delicious and easy to drink. Don’t worry, its location doesn’t mean it’s only for tourists (why should they have all the fun…

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    America's Best Urban Hike

    Many years ago we dubbed it the “Grand Walk” and said it was one of the most scenic and stunning trails in the West. We were wrong. This is the most scenic urban hike in America!

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    Cool Tees!

    There’s a golf course in Golden Gate Park where the relaxed attitude of the players (beers and flip-flops encouraged; plaid sweater vests need not make an appearance) sets the standard. The protocol among disc golfers (aka Frisbyterians) is simply to bring good game to the 1…

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    Bowl for It

    If the Big Lebowski switched from lane bowling to lawn bowling, Golden Gate Park would be his new hangout. Quirky fits right in at the San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club here, which has been going strong since 1901. Even better, the club offers a Free Intro to Lawn Bowling class…

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    Romancing the Stow

    If you’re prone to poetry or singing “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore,” then you’re not going to be able to resist paddling the romantic waters of Golden Gate Park’s Stow Lake. This popular lake is home to ducks, geese, gulls, turtles, tourists, and…