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    Tank You Very Much

    Quietly located just below Twin Peaks, tiny Tank Hill is a premier place for gaining an incredible vista of our city by the bay. How do you get to it? Take the stairs! This 1-mile (all-in) walk starts just above the intersection of Clayton and Corbett, where you’ll find the base…

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    Some of San Francisco’s most outstanding art isn’t found inside museums. It’s seen on city streets in exuberant neighborhoods. Among the most vibrant: Excelsior. Go on a 1.2-mile (round-trip) urban ramble through this cool and colorful part of the city, and be treated to murals…

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    Billy Goat Beacon

    Located just above Noe Valley and below Diamond Heights, Billy Goat Hill is a neighborhood park with steep wooden stairs and the winding Beacon Trail connecting Billy Goat Hill with Walter Haas Park. Visit both parks and take in a sunset view on an easy 0.75-mile (round-trip…

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    BONUS: Redwoods on the House!

    In celebration of turning 100 this year, Save the Redwoods League is hosting a celebration week and also giving away complimentary day-use admission to more than 100 redwood parks for every second Saturday of 2018. The next one is Saturday, October 13. (Some parks have waived…

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    Carousel of Dreams

    When was the last time you got on a merry-go-round? That long ago, eh! Take a trip back in time on a truly historic carousel located in Golden Gate Park. Built in 1914, this colorful gem is iconic in the park, yet surprisingly not well known. A beauty of over 60 animal figures…

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    Paint the Town!

    Ready to paint the town? This 1.6-mile easy urban walk from the Tendernob to Chinatown brightens winter days with bursts of color from some of the city’s newest murals. Start your walk at the corner of Van Ness and Hemlock. Completed in September, Hemlock Alley is the newest…

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    Walk on the Wise Side

    A wise man once said, “Walk it off.” And San Francisco has just the place for a colorful walk via a 2.7-mile loop along Philosopher’s Way Trail in the 318-acre John McLaren Park (San Francisco’s second largest park, after Golden Gate). The path gently dips and ascends from…

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    Golden Sunday

    Everyone sings the praises of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, and Sundays are a perfect day to tune in on its hidden art and free music scene. Go on a mile-long meander around the park’s Music Concourse, starting in the Monarch Bear Grove. Here you’ll find Druid’s Circle, a…

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    You Deserve a Medallion

    Art by Banksy, a secret tunnel, colorful murals, and literary lore galore … the North Beach segment of San Francisco’s Barbary Coast Trail is a fascinating walk through time. All in, the Barbary Coast Trail comprises 170 medallions set in pavement, leading you into the the city’s…

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    Walk the Line

    So you’ve walked popular Lover’s Lane in the Presidio, but have you ever noticed the pathway hidden next to it? Tucked quietly between Lover’s Lane and Presidio Boulevard, Andy Goldsworthy’s 1,200-foot-long Wood Line is an installation of eucalyptus tree stumps seamlessly curving…

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    Swinging Views

    San Francisco is a city of high expectations, and that includes its lofty parks offering incredible panoramas. So what makes the 360-degree views all the more fun? Enjoying them from a tree swing! Head to Bernal Heights Park and wend your way up the knoll for a merry-go-round of…

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    Glen's a Ten

    The big wild right in our backyard? You bet! San Francisco’s Glen Canyon Park is 62 acres of dramatic rock formations, whimsical tree tunnels, and calming views amid constant city motion. Go on a 1.6-mile loop hike here and enjoy a piece of the wild, with a little urban flair too…

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    Beer Island

    Did we have you at beer? Island? Both?! Why not toss in a brilliant view of the Bay Bridge too? Treasure Island has just the beach for bringing this terrific trifecta together! Thank Woods Beer Co. for combining craft beer and 150 tons of sand. Facing the Bay Bridge, Woods Island…

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    Hidden Perles

    You’re gonna need a boat to get to one of the best beaches in the Bay Area. Fortunately, ferries leave on a regular schedule to the tranquil state park in the middle of the Bay, Angel Island. Most visitors stick to the Ayala Cove barbecue area near the docks. But venture just…

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    Marshall's in Town

    Everyone has a favorite view of the Golden Gate Bridge. And ours? With respect to all the great options, we’ve got to say it’s from San Francisco’s Marshall’s Beach. What makes this tucked-away haven in the Presidio so good? For starters, you’ve gotta hike about half a mile to…

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    The Original SF Giants

    The Giants’ opening day is on its way (April 10!). Before the baseball team, came the original San Francisco Giants: coast redwoods, the tallest living things on earth! Old-growth coast redwoods once flourished in great numbers here until logging altered the landscape. Thankfully…

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    Rove the Cove

    Today’s San Francisco still has a few places where bits of interesting grit exist. Warm Water Cove is an urban waterfront blending serene bay views and relics of days past when this rugged alcove hosted impromptu punk shows. Located off the beaten track in the Dogpatch…

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    San Francisco's Middle Earth

    No need to travel to New Zealand to visit Middle Earth. San Francisco’s Mount Sutro Open Space is practically Hobbiton—a hidden “shire” in the middle of the city. Okay, maybe not quite as magical, but still an incredible place to take a hike in city limits. There are multiple…

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    A Real Flockbuster

    Some real movers and shakers have swooped in on San Francisco’s southern industrial-chic waterfront thanks to the creative work and advocacy of the Golden Gate Audubon Society and other environmental groups. Heron’s Head Park features 24 acres of salt marsh and bayside beach…

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    Island Tree Topper

    The Christmas light atop Angel Island State Park’s Mount Livermore has long been a cheerful twinkle visible from many cities throughout the Bay Area on holiday season nights. Get into the festive spirit by hiking the 2-mile (one-way) trail from Ayala Cove up to the light. The…