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    SF LED's the Way

    Something very cool is glowing on in San Francisco until New Year’s Day. 35 vibrant light art installations are brightening up neighborhoods throughout the city. Illuminate SF is a festival of light true to its name: Outdoor sculptures glimmer and shimmer, buildings decked in…

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    Lands Zen

    Find a little peace in San Francisco on an urban walk featuring a beautiful new stairway, panoramic views, a labyrinth, and plentiful coastal drama. Indeed, Lands End is a popular outing on the weekend, but go early or a couple of hours before sunset to avoid the thick crowds…

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    Miley Menagerie

    You’ll need to go up the hill and through the trees to get to the hidden expanse of San Francisco’s Fort Miley. Tucked behind Lands End and with a picnic table and solo grill, the picnic area is no longer lush with green grass, but the views from its plateau are still cushy, and…

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    Battery Powered

    Modern artwork discovered inside a gun battery? Voices coming from within an old military installation? It’s not Stranger Things. The Presidio’s historic military structures overlooking San Francisco Bay have been transformed into a stellar exhibition by 18 contemporary artists…

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    Culture Club

    Combine one of San Francisco’s best hiking trails with one of its best museums for a dose of the coast, some culture, and shelter from the rain if needed! Start from the visitor center, Lands End Lookout. The mostly flat Coastal Trail is popular for obvious reasons: stunning…

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    Battery Recharge

    There’s a cool new point of view for San Francisco’s icon of the bay, the Golden Gate! Battery East Vista, located at the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge is open for hikers, bikers, walkers, and sightseeing revelers. It’s also ADA accessible. Next to it is the new…

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    Grave Expectations

    San Francisco’s oldest park, Buena Vista Park, is known for its big views, but it’s the little things here that are dead-on interesting. The historic park has a mosaic of trails, including some with marble detailing along the path’s edge: those are unclaimed Gold Rush–era…

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    Ferry Trail Bike Ride

    You don’t need a car for this three-part Tiburon adventure to a hidden beach. But you will need a boat, a bike, and picnic provisions! Starting from San Francisco’s Pier 41, hop aboard the Tiburon-bound ferry with your bike and cruise across the bay. After docking, jump on your…

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    Mile Rock Club

    Solitude in San Francisco is a just a Mile Rock away. This small and secluded cove tucked beneath wild and beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, the Marin Headlands, and the Golden Gate Bridge is easy to reach if you don’t mind lots of steps. From the Lands End parking lot by the…

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    Let's Catch Brunch

    Ready to upgrade your next brunch outing? Rather than standing in line for hours at the latest cool place, go to a cool picnic on the pier, where you’ll catch your own meal, and sip mimosas too! The SF Crabbing Crew knows how to host a good time! And by that we mean catching…

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    San Francisco A-Go-GoCar

    You’ve seen them: those wily low-riders in small bright yellow cars, zipping right past you, sightseeing San Francisco, just … gleeful. Don’t knock it till you’ve driven it: On your mark, get set, GoCar! Hop into one, follow normal traffic rules, and zip along the streets at…

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    Hill's Angels

    Admit it, you’ve always wanted to try a Segway. They’re fun and goofy … kinda like the Hall & Oates of outdoor recreation. And the best place to give it a try? Where no cars go and the views are beautiful! Strap on a helmet and Segway around Angel Island State Park. Learn about…

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    Ferry Trail

    Baseball isn’t the only new season to happen this spring. Starting in April, the new, longer schedule begins for the Tiburon to Angel Island Ferry. Multiple ferries serve this historic park, but departing from Tiburon is a favorite. Angel Island’s rich history, a hidden south…

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    San Francisco has no shortage of outdoor art installations, but there’s one that rises above the rest. Spiking 90 feet skyward and located beside one of the Presidio’s most tranquil hiking spots, Andy Goldsworthy’s beloved “Spire” was built in nature, using nature. Goldsworthy…

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    TI Surprise

    It’s no secret that Treasure Island has one of the best views of San Francisco. Visitors often steer toward the western side for the grand vista. But tucked on the east side by the yacht harbor is hidden Clipper Cove Beach, reached by descending 54 wooden steps (yeah, we counted…

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    Hill Topper

    You know that phrase, it’s hiding right under your nose? Well, the tallest landmark in San Francisco, Sutro Tower, is a blinking beacon to one of the city’s least known urban parks. Twin Peaks! Just kidding. It’s tiny Kite Hill, hidden beneath Sutro Tower. This east-facing grassy…