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    LA Discovery Walk

    Wide-open spaces, hidden art, local cuisine, unique wildlife: Take a cultural walk through the San Gabriel Valley on a 3-mile park-to-park discovery route, then go get some delicious craft beers.

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    Goulden Hour

    The Golden State has a hike that’s pure Gould. That’s the name of the trail for this 2.5-mile out-and-back hike that descends more than 500 feet to a secluded valley with a primitive campground.

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    Cherry on Top

    The Ultimate Destination in LA County is easier to reach than you may think! Cherry Canyon Park has a 2.5-mile out-and-back hike with a vista point called, well, the Ultimate Destination.

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    All Roads Lead to Rogue

    Idea for your next road trip: Go Rogue! The Rogue Valley in beautiful Southern Oregon has some of the state’s best hiking, swim holes, and wineries, and the charming historic towns of Ashland, Medford, and Jacksonville.

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    Climb to new heights and huge views on an adventure hike to a quirky quarry overlooking the ocean in Pacific Palisades. It’s a 4.75-mile loop hike with an 1,100-foot ascent to Skull Rock in Temescal Gateway Park.

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    Rock Star Hike

    The sandstone giants of Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park might be the coolest damn formations in SoCal. Explore the craggy slabs on a 2.5-mile hike.

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    Rock of Ages

    Relaxing walks can be filled with wonders, and this one on a college campus should not be taken for granite. Follow the pun by wandering the campus of one of the world’s top scientific institutions, Caltech—home to a best-kept geological secret.

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    Road Trip Ahead: Oregon Outback

    Remote open spaces, camping under true Dark Skies, hiking and biking trails galore, wildlife refuges, and hot springs! Plan your road trip to the Oregon Outback this summer.

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    Vetter Vistas

    Epic lookout! This 3-mile (round-trip) hike takes you to the summit of Vetter Mountain and its recently finished lookout, where you get some of the best views the San Gabriels have to offer.

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    Good Morton!

    The panoramic views from Morton Peak Fire Lookout are some of the best in the San Bernardinos. Hike a 5.25-mile (round-trip) grind that climbs 1,400 feet to the summit on a fire road.

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    Strawberry Sunday

    The 2.5-mile (round-trip) lollipop loop climb to the Strawberry Peak Fire Lookout near the town of Lake Arrowhead dishes up some delicious views.

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    Positive Steps to Take

    As the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world in March, we joined with local agencies to organize around the outdoors as essential for health and well-being. We're passionate about nature and believe it's important for everyone to be able to access and enjoy equally.

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    Hike Ferndell to Berlin

    The 0.5-mile Ferndell Nature Walk features a shaded dirt path and a running creek with miniature waterfalls. The path ends at Griffith Observatory, but your adventure continues to the Berlin Forest.

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    Three National Parks ... Re-opened!

    A lot of national parks are closed because of Covid-19, but it doesn't hurt to be optimistic in planning for the future. Here 3 we can't wait to get back to, along with some top hikes to do.

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    New Rules of the Trail

    As some parks around California begin to re-open, we came up with tips for being responsible on your outdoor adventures. Let’s do our part so we can all keep enjoying the parks.

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    Ideas for Mother's Day

    Create arrangements from what is already growing in your yard (or in between the cracks of your sidewalk). Make make beautiful bouquets from a variety of weeds, grasses, and plants.

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    Weekend Sherpa Podcast: Take it Outside

    Weekend Sherpa co-founders Brad and Holly discuss what’s happening outdoors in California—and a few points beyond!

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    Go Get a Lytle

    Go on a little adventure hiking to Stone House Camp with big valley views, creekside relaxation, and shaded campsites—all within a 1.8-mile out-and-back  hike.

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    Catch the Winds!

    Proof that you don’t always have to go to the mountains to enjoy the mountains? Five Winds Trail in El Dorado Ranch Park, located at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains, with an expansive view of Mount Baldy and the San Gabriels.

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    Tachevah Canyon

    Grand is great and all, but little canyons can make big impressions too. Take Tachevah Canyon’s rim-to-rim hike in the San Jacinto mountain range. This 4.7-mile (round-trip) out-and-back hike features some dynamic desert landscape.