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San Francisco's oldest park, Buena Vista Park, is known for its big views, but it's the little things…

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San Francisco’s oldest park, Buena Vista Park, is known for its big views, but it’s the little things here that are dead-on interesting. The historic park has a mosaic of trails, including some with marble detailing along the path’s edge: those are unclaimed Gold Rush–era tombstones recycled from the city’s initiative to remove and relocate most of its cemeteries in the 1900s.

Count on San Francisco to come up with a creative solution to a stiff problem. As you wander the city’s first park, home to some of its earliest headstones, soak in some timeless views! Our recommendation is to enter the park at Haight Street and follow the wide paved path in a counterclockwise direction. Along the path you’ll be able to check out the tombstones and get great views.

There’s a nice vantage on the western side of the park called “The Window,” framing the city impeccably, including Golden Gate Park and out to the Pacific. At the knoll, eucalyptus and pine trees sway in the wind. This time of year the sun’s warm afternoon glow can make the scenery sparkle. Just don’t let it leave you breathless.

Buena Vista Park borders Haight St. between Central Ave. and Baker St. Dog-friendly!


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