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    Drama-free at Sea

    For an adventure at sea without the drama of thrashing ocean waves, go kayaking in Oxnard’s serene Channel Islands Harbor. The calm waters (shielded by the breakwater at the harbor’s entrance to the ocean) make your kayaking trip a soothing afternoon outing. The protected harbor…

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    Hike and Peak

    Reaching a stunning peak vista in under a mile? If it sounds too good to be true, you haven’t been to Camarillo Grove Park. The 1-mile (round-trip) Upper Loop Trail in this unassuming park is your peek into a world of chaparral growth, wildlife, and a magnificent bucolic view…

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    Seventh Heaven Hiking

    A whopping 15,000 acres of open space have been preserved in the Conejo Valley—that’s almost a third of the total size of Thousand Oaks! Wildwood Park comprises the largest contiguous area inside this preserved open space. This 7-mile loop hike takes you on a strenuous but…

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    Up a Creek

    Want to go on a camping trip minus the cars and RVs? The three first-come, first-served campgrounds along the Upper North Fork Matilija Creek Trail in Los Padres National Forest can be reached only by foot. And as a bonus you’ll be pitching your tent along a creek that’s still…

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    Ojai Roll

    What’s the best way to visit a relaxing, art-filled town? By rolling in, of course. On two wheels! This 19-mile (round-trip) bike ride is a nice way to make an entrance. The Ojai Valley Trail starts at Foster Park (about halfway between Ventura and Ojai on Highway 33) and takes…

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    Yurt's So Good

    If your idea of recharging means your smartphone, perhaps it’s time to unplug in a different way. The Ojai Foundation Land Sanctuary in upper Ojai Valley is just 6 miles from town, but its 40 acres of semi-wilderness gets you off the grid, where the only tweeting is the sound of…