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    Keep on Rollin'

    There are those who love to test their mettle with the pedal on road bike rides. Then there’s the rest of us, looking for something more easygoing, yet still respectable in mileage! Great scenery helps, too! A mellow road bike ride along the Alameda Creek Regional Trail in…

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    High and Mighty in the East Bay

    Warriors players aren’t the only living things to stand tall in Oakland. Tucked beyond Oakland’s bustling city streets is Redwood Regional Park, a secluded escape of second-growth redwoods that’s treasured among locals for its canopied forest and dog-friendly trails. The 4.8-mile…

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    Bavarian Brunch Paddle

    Set right on the Oakland Estuary, Brotzeit Lokal Boathaus & Biergarten is what it sounds like: a Bavarian restaurant and boathouse, with an impressively stocked rotation of craft German beers, amazing brunch, and a fabulous waterfront setting. Be the envy of Brotzeit’s patrons by…

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    Tilden Topoff

    With a name like Seaview Trail, expectations run high. And this 3.5-mile loop in Tilden Regional Park delivers. You won’t have to find the viewpoints; they find you … in abundant panoramas. Starting from Inspiration Point, take Seaview Trail, cross Wildcat Canyon Road, and…

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    Sunol Salutations

    Ahh … Sunol in the spring could make John Steinbeck wax poetic about the land of milk and honey. This East Bay Regional Park is a rolling green open space of giant oak trees, wildflowers, hidden canyons, seasonal streams, and winding hiking trails. While most visitors head to…

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    Pleasanton Pursuit

    The rolling green hills of Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park are bringing an extra burst of color this spring—wildflowers hidden in the emerald grasses are popping up and should soon be in full bloom (give or take rains!). Enjoy a 4.8-mile loop (and loping) hike among this park’s…

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    Call of the Coyote

    Wild and scenic Coyote Hills Regional Park is probably best known for its birdlife—from hawks to herons, kestrels to kingfishers. But its 978 acres of marshland and grassy hills is also fringed with flowers now—wildflowers! Enjoy it all on a 5-mile loop hike. From the southeast…

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    Diablo's Back Way

    A hike with sweeping East Bay vistas, rushing creeks, and colorful wildflowers—Mount Diablo’s got your back! As in Mitchell Canyon Back Creek Loop, a 7-mile (round-trip) hike with a bunch of spring’s best (and brightest!) features. You’ll have to work a bit—the hike ascends 1,70…

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    Secret Stairway Hike

    Secret passageways aren’t just found in the movies. The East Bay has over 400 of them winding unseen through the hillsides. Explore Oakland’s hidden passages on a 6-mile urban loop hike using shortcuts originally built to help an influx of residents reach streetcars post-190…

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    Cog Wild

    Cogswell Marsh in the East Bay’s Hayward Regional Shoreline is a place stuck in time. And that’s a huge compliment. Quickly escape the rush of car traffic to find tranquility on a 2.75-mile (round-trip) wander around the park’s marshy seasonal wetland. This serene flat area…

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    Sunset in a Pinch

    Sometimes you’ve only got minutes to get to a high point in time for sunset. So keep it simple on a short hike that delivers a sunset punch within twenty minutes. The East Bay’s Claremont Canyon has a 1.5-mile out-and-back hike with an aerie perch for watching the sun lower and…

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    La La Las Trampas

    A clear winter day calls for a long hike to savor some of the Bay Area’s most beautiful scenery along with some flowing cascades after rain. Las Trampas Regional Wilderness awaits in the East Bay with a 6.8-mile loop hike on the park’s western ridge. Start with a commanding 0.…

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    Peak Pondering

    Some of the most magical hikes begin like a magic trick: The start is filled with lots of people, cute farm animals, and some hustle-bustle frenzy. Then, within minutes, it vanishes! All you have to do is find the entrance to Narnia—or, in this case, Laurel Canyon Trailhead in…

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    Vine-yasa Flow

    Hawaii isn’t the only way to enjoy a little island life. Strike a mermaid pose right here in the Bay Area with a yoga session on the waters surrounding Alameda Island. Nicole Kanour and the crew at Mike’s Paddle lead 90-minute SUP yoga classes departing from Ballena Bay, a little…

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    Cull Canyon Cooldown

    Home to shaded trails, shallow creek crossings, ridge-top breezes, and a 1.5-acre white sand swimming lagoon, Cull Canyon Regional Recreation Area is a local’s summer playground. The best slice of paradise? A 10-mile out-and-back journey along the Chabot-to-Garin Trail, a segment…

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    Anza Bonanza

    A hike that begins and ends at one of the most swimmable lakes in the East Bay? Now that’s the way to hit “Refresh”! Tilden Regional Park is the crown jewel of the East Bay Regional Parks, and Lake Anza is its summertime heartbeat. From the lake, connect a series of trails to…

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    Black Diamond in the Rough

    Four million tons of “black diamonds” were mined out of Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve in Antioch. So what remains? A diamond in the rough! Wildflowers are adding sparkle to over 65 miles of trails. Enjoy spring’s spectacle on a 3.5-mile loop through the park’s 15…

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    Urban Wine Wheel

    Waterfront warehouses pouring outstanding wines, buzzing freeways in the distance … Oakland’s Urban Wine Trail has uncorked a thoroughly modern era of wine, with ten tasting rooms in a 10-mile radius, centered on the city’s waterfront. Instead of rolling up in an Uber, rent bikes…

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    Secret Stairways Hike

    There are over 400 little-known staircases and pathways that wind quietly unnoticed up the East Bay landscape. Originally built as shortcuts for an influx of hillside residents to get to streetcars post–1906 earthquake, you can explore some of these staircases on a challenging…

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    Mather, May I?

    Reading that a whole bunch of friendly giants are hiding behind an unassuming gate sounds a bit like a storybook beginning. In this case, it’s a redwood fairy-trail. Across the street from UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, behind a locked gate, stands the 5-acre forest of redwoods…