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    Mather, May I?

    Reading that a whole bunch of friendly giants are hiding behind an unassuming gate sounds a bit like a storybook beginning. In this case, it’s a redwood fairy-trail. Across the street from UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, behind a locked gate, stands the 5-acre forest of redwoods…

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    Wicked Waterworks

    Despite its devilish hot name, Mount Diablo has a cooler, splashier side. Heavy winter rains create a collection of six scenic waterfalls encircling the mountain’s rugged northern canyons. Take the grand tour on this 5-mile loop with a gentle climb up Donner Canyon Road to the…

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    Sublime Suisun

    It’s the largest tidal marsh on the entire west coast. The Suisun Marsh in Solano County is often overlooked in favor of the Bay Area’s other impressive landscapes, but this diverse and unique area is well worth a visit. The patchwork of tidal wetlands, marshes, and sloughs is a…

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    From C to Sea

    If a sign is high enough on a hill and large enough to be seen by lots of people, there’s probably a pretty great view from the top. Take the Big C, a giant yellow letter built in 1905 into the hillside overlooking the UC Berkeley campus. Originally constructed as a truce between…

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    Crown Jewel

    Long walks on the beach, in the East Bay? Indeed. Alameda is your island in the bay with beaches meant for strolling. Crown Memorial Beach is a relaxing stretch of sand that’s an impressive 2.5 miles long. The best way to check it out is to simply walk (or bike) the paved path…

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    Briones Blowout

    With crowd favorites Tilden to the west and Mount Diablo to the east, Briones Regional Park can seem like the introvert of East Bay outdoor playgrounds. But don’t be fooled: Briones isn’t afraid to show off its wild side! The park has over 6,000 acres of ridge-top hiking trails…

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    Diablo Double Down

    Fall colors, big views, and a chance to see tarantulas? Sounds like a howl of a good hike for Halloween season! Mount Diablo State Park’s Sycamore Canyon loop trail is a 4-mile hike where you can relish the colors of fall using Knobcone Point, Blackhawk, and Sycamore Creek Roads…

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    Mulholland Magic

    To find a hidden slice of open space with great views and autumn hues, head to Mulholland Ridge Open Space Preserve, a little-known 250-acre open space area along Donald Drive on the boundary of Orinda and Moraga in the East Bay. Do the easy 2.5-mile out-and-back Mulholland Ridge…

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    Strait Talk

    Cyclists rejoice: You’re getting the hook-up you’ve always wanted on the Carquinez Shore’s newest section of the Bay Trail. It provides the 1.7-mile missing link from Martinez to Crockett and Port Costa, and it’s well worth the ride. Etched into the cliffside with spectacular…

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    First Place

    First national park? Yellowstone. First state park? Big Basin. First urban national wildlife refuge? You’ll have to be a bird nerd to know the answer to this one. So spread your wings and impress a date or your friends by knowing Fremont’s 30,000-acre Don Edwards San Francisco…

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    Vollmer Victory

    Inspiration’s just the start of this 6.8-mile (round-trip) hike up the highest peak in the Berkeley Hills. Located at the southern end of Tilden Regional Park, Vollmer Peak rises 1,905 feet. The diverse trail to the summit begins at popular Inspiration Point and travels through…

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    Blooms A-brewin'

    Got anything for Mom, yet? Go botanical. Nestled between idyllic meadows and woodlands, Botanic Garden in Tilden Regional Park is anything but garden variety—with a collection that has grown to include thousands of the state’s native species and 10 acres of meandering streamside…

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    Summit to Scrumptious

    Before saying hi to Rick & Ann, say hi to one of the best views in the East Bay. Hidden in the Berkeley and Oakland Hills, the 208-acre Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve rises to a sweeping bay vista. Hike up to it via the Stonewall-Panoramic Trail, which climbs steeply for…

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    Short Secret

    Some secrets you keep to yourself; others are worth sharing. It might be no secret that Mount Diablo offers some of the best views in the state, but the trails weaving around it? With so many choices it’s hard to know where to begin. This short and sweet hike is just under…