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    Grin and Big Bear It!

    Summer in Big Bear means only one thing: Get out on the lake! The best way, of course, is to rent a canoe, so you can paddle, sightsee, and rekindle summer camp memories all at the same time. If you pick up your canoe at Captain John’s Marina in Grout Bay, you’re near Stanfield…

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    Splash Landing

    The Splashing Eagle Waterpark at Lake Hemet proves waterparks aren’t just for kids. This action-packed floating waterpark, just offshore in the 470-acre lake nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains, presents plenty of adult-size challenges. Challenge 1: You have to swim through the…

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    Bonelli By Golly!

    The 6.3-mile Bonelli Park Loop Trail is proof you don’t have to go far to escape the city. It’s in the heart of the metro area in San Dimas, freeway-close to a gazillion people. But the park’s nearly 2,000 acres of rolling hills give you a sense of distance from the cares of the…

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    Deep Shade of Green

    It ain’t easy being green, but Hagador Canyon Watershed Trail makes it seem effortless. This 4.2-mile (round-trip) out-and-back hike traces an active creek hidden in the foothills where Corona meets the Santa Ana Mountains. As the weather starts warming up, this is the perfect…

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    Lupine Around Chino Hills

    All of the flowers without any of the mayhem! That’s the 3.4-mile, lightly trafficked Sidewinder/Upper Aliso Canyon Loop Trail in Chino Hills State Park. The trail starts off on the popular (meaning crowded) Upper Aliso Canyon Trail. Looking up into the hills, you can see patches…

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    Lush Life

    Etiwanda Falls Trail in Rancho Cucamonga packs a lot of bang for your buck: waterfall, wildflowers, panoramic views of the Inland Empire, and lush green surroundings as you walk. Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, this 3.4-mile (round-trip) out-and-back trail…

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    The Lost Pictographs of Perris, Found!

    Long before there was a Lake Perris there were the Luiseño people, known in their own language as the Payomkawichum (“people of the west”). They lived here for thousands of years, and left behind pictographs that can still be seen today. From the Bernasconi Day Use Area, head…

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    Bald and Beautiful

    Who’s ready to go bald? Head to Silverwood Lake in the San Bernardinos, one of the best bald-eagle-spotting spots in SoCal, for this breathtaking experience. In the winter months, not only can you see them soar but you can also join in an important count of our once-endangered…

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    Winter’s Just a Tram Away

    Snowshoeing in Mount San Jacinto State Park atop the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is one of those quintessential SoCal experiences. One minute you’re basking in desert sunshine; 10 minutes later, you’re at 8,500 feet strapping on platforms that will enable you to walk through a…

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    Wheeling the Queen's Avenue

    It’s easy to picture bicyclists on the Victoria Avenue bike path in Riverside riding high-wheelers and sporting knickers or bustle skirts. After all, the path follows a scenic parkway built in 1892 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This easy ride passes…

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    Empire of Light

    Riverside’s Mission Inn has one of the most stunning displays of holiday lights in the US, but first things first: To really get in the mood—and earn your holiday treats, calorically speaking—take a quick-escape hike on nearby Two Trees Trail. The 3-mile (round-trip) out-and-back…

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    The Champion, My Friends!

    If visiting one of the tallest Christmas trees in the world doesn’t put you in the holiday spirit, nothing will! We’re actually talking about Big Bear’s Champion Lodgepole Pine—a wild tree, not ornamented, but the festive feeling is still there. The 4.3-mile loop to reach it via…

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    Them Apples!

    Great apples don’t just grow on trees. Oh, wait—of course they do! Some of the most delicious anywhere grow on trees high up in the San Bernardino Mountains in the town of Oak Glen, where Los Rios Rancho, So Cal’s largest historic apple ranch, grows 32 varieties, all completely…

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    Pumpkin Empire

    The best part of fall? Pumpkins, of course! One of the largest pumpkin patches in the state is right here in SoCal, situated on more than 20 acres of farmland in Pomona. The rare pumpkin patch with academic credentials, it’s located at the Cal Poly Don B. Huntley College of…

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    Look Out—It’s Tahquitz!

    The hike to 8,846-foot Tahquitz Peak in the San Jacinto Wilderness boasts awesome views and an intriguing legend. The peak was named by the Cahuilla Indians after a powerful, evil shaman who possessed an insatiable appetite for human flesh—and he happened to call this very…

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    Idyllic Lake Fulmor

    High up in the hills near Idyllwild, quaint and charming Lake Fulmor—not too big, not too small—is just right for relaxing in the cool, quiet shade. It’s not a place to go to be super active. There’s no boating. No swimming. Nothing to distract you from enjoying peace and quiet…

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    The Center of It All

    Since woodsy Idyllwild is so defined (and blessed) by nature, its Nature Center is a must-visit while you’re in town—and it’s just a half-mile from idyllic Idyllwild Campground. You’ll find trails to explore and exhibits that fill you in on what makes the San Jacinto Mountains so…

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    Jenks for the Memories

    Name your passion! Whether it’s kayaking, fishing, hiking, barbecuing, or relaxing in a hammock beneath tall ponderosa pines—Jenks Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains is the place for a perfect lakeside summer day. Nestled in a valley between Old Greyback and Sugarloaf Mountain…

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    No Rapids in This Whitewater

    Here’s a little desert hideaway that’s a surprisingly cool escape, even when the weather’s hot! Whitewater Preserve in Sand to Snow National Monument is an oasis in a rugged stretch of land just northwest of Palm Springs. The former trout hatchery was recently renovated into a…

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    Heavenly Devil's Hole

    Recipe for the perfect swimming hole: cool pool in a mountain stream, remote mountain setting, great approach hike. Just add a few friends and a sunny summer day, then hike, stir, and splash! You’re at Devil’s Hole in the San Bernardino Mountains. From Splinters Cabin Trailhead…